MA Services Group Volunteers at Lightscape: Working to Give Back

At MA Services Group, we are always on the lookout for fresh approaches to supporting our communities near and far. We recently had the amazing chance to help out with Engine Room Productions at Lightscape, and we loved it!

Lightscape is an inaugural, immersive, after-dark experience held within the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne. The lights, sounds, and colours that flooded the vast garden area attracted attendees from all around Melbourne, as crowds of people explored iconic canopies drenched in colour and vibrant bursts of light running up trees. It was truly a magical experience!

Our team of MA Services friends and family really enjoyed working at the event and were extremely proactive and generous with their contributions, putting their hands up to help at any chance they could get. Many attendees commented on MA Services’ (and by extension, all volunteers’) enthusiasm and excitement, which contributed greatly to the event’s overall success. As a result, we highly recommend volunteering to everyone!

One of the best ways to meet people in your area and expand your social circle is to volunteer. Volunteering has the potential to be a stimulating and enriching adventure that provides opportunities for both personal and professional development . Try your hand at something new in your neighbourhood to find a new passion and see if volunteering is for you. There are always opportunities in your local community that are just waiting for someone like you to take them.  

MA Services Group would like to express our appreciation to the staff and families who contributed to the success of Lightscape. In addition, we’d like to express our gratitude to Engine Room Productions for inviting us to participate in what will no doubt be the first of many wildly successful Lightscape events.