Access Control trends to keep in mind in 2021

Access control system plays a pivotal role in monitoring and restricting your organization’s building access. It is even more necessary during a crisis like COVID-19.
An access control system provides selective access to users to a place or a resource in the building premises to reduce the threat level. Also, it is about determining whether the right person has access, both physically and digitally, to the resources or not.

Nowadays, it is becoming difficult for businesses to keep up with the vulnerabilities like bypassing techniques. Integrating new technologies with legacy systems also makes it hard for businesses to keep their systems updated. If you want to understand how the latest access control techniques can strengthen your security systems, read on.

Biometric Solutions:

Biometric security solutions provide physical access to buildings. It can distinguish characteristics like blood flow, iris patterns, and fingerprints. It works best for doors, lifts, gates, and other entry-exit points in the building premises.
Iris recognition has emerged as a ‘zero touch’ form of access control that is in demand due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud-based access control enhances operational improvements. It can manage multiple sites using one system. Based on client specifications, the required permissions can be regulated and monitored to access data.
As an emerging trend, limitless scalability is possible without compromising security.

Using Mobile Credentials:

The easy availability of smartphones has made mobile-based credentials accessible at your fingertips. The extra security of Bluetooth technology makes it even more favourable to use instead of the old legacy systems. With the introduction of wearable devices which are compatible with mobile devices, it has become even more convenient.

Multi-factor Authentication:

Multi-factor authentication uses two or more forms of proving identity by combining digital and physical identity. It also uses other forms of authentication like biometrics or PIN.

Subscription-based business model:

Earlier, access controls used to exist in the form of one-time hardware sales. Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to buy subscription-based solutions which allow monthly or regular software updates. This way, you can stay updated.

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