We partner with our Commercial Property clients to help deliver their customer, guest experience, contractor, tenant needs and general ongoing building maintenance services.

We do this by employing an integrated solutions framework which offers an array of security, cleaning and maintenance solutions customised to suit our Commercial Property clients’ needs.

Security Services

Corporate Concierge

Our corporate concierge security officers provide more than just security. They can positively impact your business by creating an inviting and professional environment and ensuring a seamless experience for your clients and guests.


In addition to welcoming and assisting your visitors, they can manage administrative tasks and other responsibilities, making them invaluable assets to your business.


Our corporate concierge security guards in Australia are highly trained in all aspects of corporate security, professionally presented, and provide first-class customer service, enhancing workplace efficiency and safety.


Our guards are trained to an exceptionally high standard and are well-equipped to provide premium guard security services to your business, making them an ideal investment for your company.


Our Services
We can tailor corporate concierge services according to your needs. These are just some of the services we provide:

  • Efficiently manage incoming mail, phone calls, and emails professionally and courteously.
  • Facilitate tenant and visitor access requests for meetings and training rooms, including managing access cards for streamlined entry.
  • Conduct thorough foyer inspections to uphold occupational health and safety (OHS) guidelines, ensuring a safe environment.
  • Coordinate meetings and events
  • Address tenant and visitor complaints promptly and effectively, resolving issues to maintain a harmonious living or working environment.
  • Manage and regulate building access, ensuring only authorised individuals enter the premises and maintaining security protocols.
  • Carrying out fire drills as instructed and maintaining evacuation procedures
  • Coordinate transportation services, including booking taxis ensuring convenient and reliable travel arrangements.
  • Regular patrols of parking and common areas
  • Residential buildings - supervising move-in/move-out processes
  • Control of building access

Why Choose Us for Your Concierge Security Services?


Our Australian Private Security Contractors are trained professionals who always maintain a high level of respect and courtesy.


Our Concierge team have extensive experience providing concierge security services across various industries and settings.


Customised Solutions
We offer tailored security solutions to meet the unique needs of each client and location.


24/7 Availability
Our services are available round-the-clock to ensure continuous protection and support.


Customer Satisfaction
We prioritise client satisfaction by delivering reliable, responsive, and proactive security services.

Security Officers

At the forefront of our mission is delivering exceptional security services to the Commercial Property Industry.


We take pride in our team of highly qualified security officers who are dedicated to maintaining safety.


Our range of security officers for the commercial property industry include:

  • Corporate Concierge Officers
  • Security Officers
  • Mobile Patrol Officers
  • Alarm Monitoring Officers
  • Control Room Operators
  • Employee, Contractor & Visitor Escorts & Management
  • Chief Warden and Emergency Officers
  • Event Officers

Our Security Officers are fully trained in emergency response procedures and First Aid, ensuring they can effectively handle any unexpected situations that may arise.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrol officers are security professionals who regularly patrol designated areas or properties. They monitor suspicious activities, deter vandalism or theft, respond to alarms or incidents, and ensure the overall security and safety of the premises they patrol.


Many businesses discover that dedicated security officers for their premises are unnecessary, so they choose mobile patrols as a much more cost-effective and efficient solution.


Our approach to mobile patrol services is built on a boutique model, emphasising attention to detail. Traditional patrol services depend heavily on servicing a large number of clients within a certain range. In contrast, our patrols are readily available to respond effectively due to the minimal allocation of sites per vehicle and the sound understanding and attention to detail each patrol officer has within their designated route.


Our service is designed to build a specific solution on a client-by-client basis. Each vehicle is dedicated to a limited number of sites, and in certain instances, a vehicle is dedicated to only one client. We also work closely with our Electronic Solutions Team to develop patrol solutions that are more effective than the traditional model.


Our Services


Scheduled Patrols

We regularly schedule mobile patrols, which involve our security officers driving through a designated area at predetermined times to deter criminal activity.


Random Patrols

Random patrols involve unpredictably timed visits to a location, making it more challenging for potential criminals to anticipate when security officers will be present.


Alarm Response

Mobile patrol officers respond to alarms triggered by security systems, such as intrusion, fire, or panic alarms. They assess the situation, investigate the cause of the alarm, and take appropriate action.


Unlock and Lock Services

Mobile patrol officers can secure and unlock facilities during non-operating hours. This service ensures that all doors, windows, and gates are properly secured or opened at the beginning and end of the day.


Property Checks

Officers may conduct routine checks of specific areas within a property, including parking lots, entrances, and critical infrastructure, to ensure they are secure and free from potential threats.


Incident Response

Mobile patrol teams are trained to respond to various security incidents, including disturbances, trespassing, vandalism, and accidents. They can provide immediate assistance and coordinate with law enforcement.


Emergency Response

In situations requiring immediate assistance, mobile patrol officers can serve as first responders, offering initial support and coordinating with emergency services until they arrive.


CCTV Monitoring

Some mobile patrol services include monitoring surveillance cameras installed on the property. Officers can observe live camera feeds and respond to suspicious activities or security breaches.


Security Escort

Mobile patrols can provide security escorts for individuals or employees walking to and from their vehicles or between buildings within a property, enhancing personal safety.


Access Control

Officers can manage and verify access to restricted areas, ensuring that only authorised personnel can enter specific locations within a property.


State of the Art Technology

We utilise our own fully integrated state-of-the-art alarm response system, which automatically tracks and directs our closest available patrol vehicles and staff to alarm activations at the touch of a button. This ensures you receive the most time-effective response, accurate reporting, and transparent service.


Why Choose Us for Your Mobile Patrol Officers?

What’s Included:

  • A tailored solution for your business, including site maps
  • Security signage to deter thieves
  • Site induction to ensure our staff are familiar with your premises
  • An account manager who looks after your business
  • Reporting of any incidents tailored to your business, including photos
Electronic Security

We design, install, and commission all integrated Electronic Security systems. Our expertise in the Electronics Security solutions domain allows us to offer clients unique solutions specific to their business environment.


Our Electronic Security Solutions include:
  • CCTV Camera Installation
  • Alarm System Installation & Monitoring
  • Alarm System Maintenance
  • Solar Cameras
  • Fog Cannons
  • Ad hoc technology solutions
Alarm Monitoring & Response

Through our A1 Graded Monitoring Centre, using Patriot Systems, we monitor a large number of commercial properties throughout the country. Our A1 Graded Monitoring Centre is equipped with the latest technology, and we are able to monitor all types of systems, including NBN-enabled GPRS systems , IP Systems or Dialler.


CCTV System Monitoring

Our A1 Monitoring Centre also has the capability to integrate CCTV Monitoring to enhance your premises Security Measures.

The integration of CCTV with a monitoring system enhances security measures by providing:

  • Proactive Surveillance: Constant monitoring ensures immediate response to security breaches, minimizing potential risks.
  • Scalability: Systems can scale to accommodate varying surveillance needs, from single-camera setups to extensive networks covering large areas.
  • Duress Monitoring: Our A1 monitoring service offers comprehensive duress monitoring, ensuring immediate response and enhanced safety in emergency situations.
  • Staff Welfare Checks: Our A1 monitoring service includes regular staff welfare checks, ensuring the well-being and safety of your employees around the clock.
Why Choose Us for Your Alarm & CCTV Monitoring?


Enhanced Security
Security Monitoring Officers oversee alarms in real-time, ensuring rapid responses to potential security threats.


24/7 Surveillance
Continuous monitoring ensures round-the-clock protection against intrusions or emergencies.


Rapid Response
Officers can promptly alert authorities or dispatch emergency services when alarms are triggered, minimising damage or loss.


Peace of Mind

Hiring Alarm Monitoring Officers can reassure property owners knowing their premises are professionally monitored.



Our officers are highly trained in alarm and security systems.

Employee, Contractor & Visitor Escorts & Management

Effective employee, contractor, and visitor escort and management services are crucial for maintaining security and operational efficiency in commercial businesses. These services ensure that all personnel are appropriately monitored and guided within the premises, minimising security risks and ensuring a smooth workflow.

At MA we provide the following services:


Employee Escorts: This service ensures that employees, especially those working late hours, are safely escorted to and from their office and cars. It enhances employee safety, and fosters a secure working environment.


Contractor Management: Contractors often require access to specific areas for maintenance or project work. Proper escorting and management ensure they are accompanied by authorised personnel, verifying their identity, ensuring compliance with security protocols, and preventing any disruptions to business operations.


Visitor Management: Visitor escort services ensure that all guests are identified, registered, and accompanied by authorised personnel while on-site. This not only maintains security but also ensures visitors have a positive experience by guiding them efficiently to their intended locations.


Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning

We are proud to provide a full range of commercial deep-cleaning services to various industries across Australia. From offices and commercial to retail and hospitality cleaning, our team have the experience and specialised skills to effectively and efficiently clean any business premises.


General Commercial Cleaning

This includes vacuuming, mopping, dusting, washing, window cleaning and wiping surfaces in the following spaces:

  • Office Spaces – Boardrooms, Workspaces
  • Restrooms
  • Pantries and breakout areas
  • Lobbies
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Staircases & emergency exit routes
  • Car Parks
  • Deep Commercial Cleaning 
Deep Commercial Cleaning 
  • Vacuuming all carpets thoroughly (moving furniture if necessary)
  • Detailed mopping and scrubbing of all floors
  • Cleaning light switches, fixtures, and door handles
  • Vacuuming drapes, blinds, windowsills, etc
  • Emptying and cleaning inside cabinets
  • Cleaning inside appliances (microwave, fridge, etc.)
  • Comprehensive bathroom and toilet cleaning
  • Sanitising computer keyboards & screens
  • Dusting vents, baseboards, ledges, etc
  • Sanitising all surfaces with effective green cleaning agents
Specialised Periodical Cleaning Services
  • Strip And Seal
  • Floor Buffing
  • Floor Scrubbing
  • Floor Polishing
  • External Façade Cleaning
  • High Cleans
  • Steam Cleaning
  • CCTV Camera Cleans
  • Fleet Vehicle Cleaning
Waste Management

We provide comprehensive waste management services to ensure that commercial businesses maintain a clean and environmentally friendly workspace. These services include:

  • Customised Waste Management Plans
  • Waste collection and segregation
  • Collection, sorting, and processing of recyclable materials
  • Safe Disposal of Hazardous Waste
  • Waste Minimisation Strategies
  • Compliance with Environmental Regulations
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Emergency Waste Cleanup
Pest Control

We provide comprehensive pest control services to help businesses maintain a clean, healthy, and pest-free environment. These services encompass various techniques and methods to prevent, manage, and eradicate pest infestations, ensuring the safety and comfort of employees and clients. Our Pest control services include:

  • Pest Inspection and Identification
  • Customised Pest Control Plans
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): a long-term prevention strategy including a combination of biological, physical, and chemical methods to manage pests in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
  • Safe and Effective Pest Treatment: this may include the application of pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides, and other control agents.
  • Preventive Pest Control Measures
  • Rodent, Insect and Bird Control
  • Pest Monitoring and Reporting
  • Emergency Pest Control Services
Hygiene & Sanitary Services

MA offers a wide range of hygiene and sanitary services designed to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe environment in various settings. These services are essential for preventing the spread of germs, ensuring compliance with health regulations, and promoting overall well-being. Our hygiene and sanitary services include:

  • Regular Cleaning, Disinfection and Maintenance
  • Hand Hygiene Solutions
  • Feminine Sanitary Disposal
  • Nappy Disposal
  • Urinal Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Sanitisation of High-Traffic Areas
  • Waste Management and Disposal
  • Deep Cleaning Services
  • Hygiene Audits and Assessments
Cleaning Inspections

Cleaning inspection services are vital for maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in commercial properties. These services involve thorough evaluations of cleaning processes, ensuring that all areas meet specified cleanliness standards. Inspections help identify issues, verify compliance, and provide feedback for continuous improvement.


Our team undertake:

  • Routine Inspections
  • Quality Assurance Inspections
  • Specialised Inspections
  • Post-Cleaning Inspections
Hazard Management

Cleaning hazard management involves the systematic identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks associated with cleaning processes. These services ensure a safe and healthy environment for cleaning staff, building occupants, and visitors by addressing various hazards that can arise during cleaning activities. Types of hazards that our team deal with include: chemical, biological, physical, ergonomic and environmental hazards.


Our team undertake:

  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessments
  • Training and education
  • Safe work practices
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Documentation and reporting of hazards

Maintenance Services

Asset Management

Effective asset management is essential for any commercial property business to maximise the value, efficiency, and lifespan of it's assets. At MA Services Group we provide the following asset management services:

Asset Audit & Condition Assessments: We provide regular asset audits and condition assessments to understand the current state and performance of your assets. This involves systematically inspecting and evaluating the physical and operational condition of assets to identify any issues, maintenance needs, or opportunities for improvement. These assessments help in planning maintenance activities, budgeting for repairs or replacements, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Asset Verification: As part of our asset verification services we physically verify the existence, location, and condition of assets. This ensures that the asset register accurately reflects the current status of all assets. It helps in preventing asset misplacement or theft, ensuring proper utilisation, and maintaining accurate financial records.

Asset Register: We provide comprehensive and up-to-date records of all assets owned by a business including details such as asset descriptions, acquisition dates, locations, conditions, and maintenance histories.

Lifecycle Management: We oversee assets from acquisition to disposal. This includes planning and budgeting for asset procurement, monitoring usage and performance, scheduling regular maintenance, and determining the appropriate time for asset replacement or disposal. Effective lifecycle management helps in optimising asset utilisation, reducing downtime, and minimising total cost of ownership.

MA helps business's to ensure their assets are efficiently managed, maintained, and utilised, ultimately contributing to improved operational performance and cost savings.

Car Park Services

MA provides car park maintenance services encompass a variety of tasks designed to ensure that parking facilities are safe, clean, and well-maintained for users. These services help extend the lifespan of the car park, enhance its appearance, and prevent potential hazards. Our car park maintenance services include:

Surface Cleaning and Sweeping: Regular cleaning and sweeping of the car park surface to remove debris, dirt, and litter, maintaining a clean and welcoming environment.

Line Marking and Repainting: Ensuring that parking spaces, directional arrows, pedestrian walkways, and other markings are clearly visible and regularly repainted as needed.

Pothole and Crack Repairs: Prompt repair of potholes, cracks, and other surface damages to prevent further deterioration and ensure a smooth driving surface.

Lighting Maintenance: Regular inspection and replacement of lighting fixtures to ensure adequate illumination for safety and security, particularly during nighttime hours.

Signage Maintenance: Installing and maintaining clear and visible signage for directions, parking restrictions, and safety instructions.

Drainage and Water Management: Ensuring that the car park has proper drainage to prevent water accumulation, which can cause damage and pose safety hazards.

Inspections and Repairs: Conducting regular inspections of the car park barriers, and supports, and performing necessary repairs to maintain safety standards.

Landscaping and Groundskeeping: Maintaining any landscaped areas around the car park, including trimming bushes, mowing grass, and removing weeds.

Graffiti Removal and Vandalism Repair: Prompt removal of graffiti and repair of any vandalism to maintain the car park's appearance and safety.

Pest Control: Implementing pest control measures to prevent infestations that could damage the car park structure or create an unsanitary environment.

By engaging MA Services Group to manage your car park, facility managers can ensure that parking areas remain safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for all users.

Documentation Management Services

We provide solutions to support the management, control and cloud-based storage of critical and compliance documentation. This includes built drawings, maintenance services reports, compliance reporting and library structures. These solutions aim to support accreditation requirements for client service delivery.

Electrical, Mechanical & Hydraulic Services
Electrical Services

Our Electrical Services include the full manufacturer & compliance requirements for all maintenance of electrical assets. This includes but is not limited to main and distribution switchboards, testing & tagging of portable electrical equipment, and general power such as power points & lighting. Additionally, we provide all essential services compliance requirements, such as generators, emergency and exit lighting, lift monitoring and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).


Our Electricians are fully trained and are licenced accordingly to the equipment they are qualified to work on, along with specific State/Territory registration requirements.


Mechanical Services

We provide a full suite of maintenance for mechanical assets such as chillers, boilers, air handling units, split systems and more. We also provide Building Management Services that support these systems, and additionally, perform air monitoring testing and commissioning that conforms with each State and Territory’s requirements. This service can then be modified to suit specific industries.


Hydraulic Services

Our Hydraulic Maintenance Services include all routine maintenance requirements on plumbing assets such as boilers, general plumbing (toilets, sinks etc) and compliance testing on backflow prevention devices in a commercial setting.

Fire and Life Safety Services

As fire & life safety in all buildings are heavily regulated, we provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring a building owner’s assets conform and are certified in accordance with the Buildings Occupancy Certificate.


Our Fire & Life Safety Maintenance Services includes the provision of services to all fire systems such as fire panels, communication systems, sprinkler and hydrant systems and annual essential services that report to the requirements of each State and Territory.

Grounds and Garden Management

No two landscapes, gardens or surroundings are alike, so every job requires a tailored service. For this reason, our grounds maintenance services consist of the specialists required for your garden and your individual garden maintenance needs.


MA Services Group provides the following Grounds and Garden management services:

  • Garden landscaping
  • Lawn mowing
  • Hedge trimming & pruning
  • Weeding and weed management
  • Watering
  • Rubbish removal

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Integrated Service Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of services including security, cleaning, and maintenance services, ensuring a cohesive approach to property management and reducing the need for multiple vendors.

Customised Service Plans

Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, offering flexible and scalable solutions that adapt to the unique requirements of different commercial properties.

Eco-Friendly Practices

We prioritise sustainability by utilising environmentally friendly cleaning, maintenance and security practices, helping clients achieve their green building goals.

Highly Trained Personnel

Our team consists of certified and experienced professionals who undergo continuous training to stay updated on the latest industry standards and best practices, ensuring top-quality service and reliability.

Advanced Technology Integration

We leverage cutting-edge technology, to enhance efficiency, improve service outcomes, and provide real-time monitoring and reporting.

What our Client's Say

The MASG team exceeded expectations during a number of site surveys conducted by external consultants. Feedback from the tenant was extremely positive of the MA teams performance. Thank you for ensuring the training and performance of the team was to such a high standard.

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