Top Tips For Dealing With Festival Searches

It’s virtually impossible these days to enter a music festival or sporting event these days without being searched and with the threat of terrorism looming over us, this isn’t going to change any time soon. In fact, we would suggest that from our experience the trend is for a greater security presence.

Naturally, it stands to reason that festival organisers employ event security companies like ours to ensure their event remains as safe and as trouble-free as possible. But what about the festival-goers themselves? Do you have any rights if a search goes too far or you come up against a hail of abuse? Or did you give up all rights when you walked through the entrance?

Here are some practical tips – together with some legal knowledge that will help you to navigate the obligatory entrance search as quickly and as stress-free as possible.

Understanding your rights

Know that it’s not legal for an event or festival to simply put up a blanket ‘by purchasing a ticket you agree to be searched’ sign, without any form of limitation. That means that it is not okay to be manhandled in any way or searched in an inappropriate fashion. If you feel that this is the case then have a friend with you to document the encounter and ask to speak to someone in authority. Here at MA Security, we take allegations of this nature very seriously.

Pat searches are generally okay but only if done in a non-evasive way. Be aware that private security companies have the right to conduct reasonable searches on a person as a condition of entry. This is on the proviso that they are searching for weapons, projectiles, or other dangerous objects.

Act like a festival pro

You’d probably agree that a festival search is a necessary inconvenience. However, there are ways that as a festival goer that you can improve your personal experience, simply by adjusting both your attitude and your demeanour. For a security guard, we will often conduct situations differently based on first impressions. For instance, if you come across in a negative manner and don’t make eye contact then it isn’t unreasonable for us to think that you have something to hide. On the flip side, if you’re open and friendly, don’t have any banned items on your person, and are polite (maybe even smile), then there’s a strong chance that you’ll get through the search process much quicker. Remember security staff aren’t there to make your life difficult. Instead, they are only doing their job.

In addition, there’s nothing more frustrating than when we’re waiting for an individual to find their ticket, wristband, or ID. Instead, have it out ready and on show.

If you do all of the above I guarantee that you’ll sail through the search process quicker than you think and be ready to enjoy this awesome life experience for what it really is.

If you need assistance with your music festival, sporting, or celebratory event, then come and talk to MA Security. We have a growing reputation for providing the very best security for a number of large scale festivals so you could say that we’re the experts in this field. Contact us today on 1300 020 406 for further information.

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