Planning a Large Event? 6 Reasons Wristbands Are So Useful

The majority of us have
at some time or another been given a wrist band to wear at an event,
and this practice is certainly on the rise. In fact it’s one of the
most popular ways of managing admission and guests. So let’s take a
look at some of the benefits of utilising this simple idea.

Manage your guests

When there are a large
number of guests attending any one event it can be diffcult to
distinguish between them all. For example, who is allowed to go
backstage? Who is able to be served alcohol? How do you separate
those with day passes from weekly passes? By offering your guests
different coloured wristbands, it helps event staff to swiftly
recognise the level of access that an attendee has. In additional,
customisable wristbands let you print bar codes, text, or even
images, that make the job of event staff far easier.

Shorter queues

Although standard
tickets are perfectly acceptable for many events they can delay
procedures in others. When guests need to prove their age, or that
they have a backstage pass, it can take time for them to locate their
crumpled up ticket which may even have become lost. This delay causes
longer queues and upsets guests. Identifying themselves with the
flash of a wristband takes seconds and means that guests can move
around with ease and quickly get past event staff.


Two of the factors that
event planners most fear are bad weather and gate crashers. You’ll
never need to worry about this again since vinyl wrist bands are
tamper free, lightweight, and waterproof.

Brand awareness

Silicone wristbands are
a fantastic way of getting the message out there and increasing
awareness of your cause or brand. Fashionable and easy to slip on,
they’re also collectible and serve as a reminder of a great day out.


Top quality wristbands
also provide excellent security. Most are tear resistant and contain
a special adhesive which can’t be tampered with. In addition plastic
wristbands can only be removed by cutting them off with scissors,
eliminating the ability of people to pass their wristbands to others.


Organisers dealing with
large groups of children can also benefit from coloured wristbands.
Should a child stray from his or her group, it can be easier to
locate them if they’re wearing a wristband. Different coloured bands
can also distinguish between those children who perhaps can’t swim
and those who have certain allergies.

MA Services Group we supply free wristbands for festivals, concerts,
and private parties as we believe that they’re a great way to ensure
best crowd control practices at your event. If of course you’re
planning an event and also need security help, then we’ve been in the
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put us to the test.

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