Need Construction Site Security? What Are Your Options

You might not initially think of a construction site as a prime target for vandalism and theft but let’s face it, beneath the dust and rubble, there’s a treasure trove of ‘stuff’ that any ‘would be’ thief would give their right arm for. Whether its copper piping, wood, slate or even plant hire machinery it could potentially cost any site owner a small fortune if a criminal was to break in and get their hands on it. As a result many construction site owners know only too well that some type of security presence is imperative; but what are your options?


Nowadays technology means that CCTV cameras are easy to install and are also easy to operate. They can be used remotely by a security team based either on or off location and can also be accessed by mobile phone. Therefore if necessary site owners can keep a close eye on proceedings even when they’re not there. The down sides are that although they can and do act as a deterrent, if some one was seriously intent on stealing from you, then it probably won’t stop them.

Employ a security guard

Another option is to employ your own security guard. Doing so means that you have a physical presence on site at all times. They can be used to carry out patrols of areas of your site which are badly lit or are known to contain valuable commodities, or to carry out any other tasks that you assign them. A permanent on-site security presence will be more of a deterrent that CCTV cameras alone, but the down sides are the costs involved and all the issues that go with hiring another full time employee.

Outsourcing security to a third party.

More and more construction site owners are taking the option of outsourcing their security. The reason is that a reputable security company can offer a wide range of flexible security options based on requirements and cost. A lower cost option might be mobile security. This is where the security company carries out regular checks on your site. However this will be in addition to other mobile security jobs they are contracted to do. As a result there won’t be a permanent security presence but instead continual keyholder checks throughout non-working hours. Alternatively if you do feel that a permanent presence is required, then most will have the personnel to do that too.

As you can see, outsourcing your construction site security is a cost effective way to have a security presence and one of the best companies to contact in the Melbourne Area is MA Services Group. We’ve been in the security industry for many years and have the skills and the personnel to adapt tailor-made security to suit your needs. Contact us on 03 9994 4107 and ask us about putting together a security plan for your construction site..


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