7 Top Tips To Preventing Retail Theft In Your Store

Did you know that
retail theft or shop lifting is costing Australian tax payers around
$290 in so called ‘honesty’ payments each year as over $6 million
worth of goods go missing from stores every single day? To say that
it’s a big problem is an understatement. Instead retail theft is
huge! So as a shop keeper or business owner, just how do you prevent
retail theft from seriously crippling your business? Here are 7
suggestions you might want to follow.

Maximise your stock

Do you have areas in
your store where stock is hidden from view? If you’re not able to
physically see every aspect of your store and your stock from one
vantage point then change it around until you can. Effective use of
mirrors can help eliminate any blind spots, while keeping the store
neat and tidy will help co-workers identify if something is missing
or out-of-place.

Keep it under look
and key

If you have any
valuable items then don’t put them on display. Instead keep them
locked up with restricted access for key holders only. If you do wish
to put valuable or attractive items on display, then make sure
they’re in a locked protective display case.

Shout it out

Don’t keep your
shop-lifting policies a secret. Instead communicate it to your staff
and customers with good use of wall posters and signage. They can act
as an effective deterrent if used in the right way, so determine your
shoplifting policies and communicate it to everyone.

Think about your
cash registers

If your cash register
is located near to your store exit then you might want to consider
moving it. Also try to make sure that if cash registers contain money
they’re manned at all times. Finally you might want to brief staff on
how to watch out for suspicious customers when operating the tills.

Get visible security

If you haven’t already,
you really need to install a visible security system. Even it the
camera is fake it will act as a deterrent. Also make potential
customers know you have security systems in place by putting up
relevant signage.

Have a presence

Try to make sure all
customers are met and greeted at the door, or at the very least
acknowledged. Not only is it good customer service, it sends an
important message out to any potential shop-lifters that they’re
being watched.

Hire a security

Finally, if you run a
larger store you might want to outsource your security to a security
company who can take control of all aspects of your security for you.
They will be able to sort out and deploy sufficient highly-trained
staff in the right places as well as monitor CCTV and carry out store
walks to monitor security.

Even though retail
theft will never be halted altogether, there are simple procedures
that can be put in place which can help to deter theft from your
store. To find out more or to get some personalised security advice
why not contact MA Security. We’ve been looking after the people and
businesses of Melbourne and the surrounding areas for many years and
have a highly skilled team of individuals who can help you get your
security back on track. Contact us on 1300 020 406
today and talk to our highly experienced team.

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