7 Qualities Every Security Guard Should Possess

Security remains arguably one of the most important elements of any successful business and at the heart of this lies the security guard. Security personnel are hired not only as a physical presence in order to prevent any internal or external criminal activity, but also as one of protector, safeguarding both property and personnel within the company. Clearly this is a large undertaking and it takes a special type of person to carry out this role. But what qualities does a modern-day security guard need to possess?

Open to learning

In the security business you never stop learning. The best security guards are the ones who are open to learning new and important skills to remain at the forefront of their profession.


The life of a modern day security guard is never ‘same old same old’. One day they might be at a company giving advice on better workplace security, while another day they might be at the front desk or entrance of a large company headquarters signing visitors in and out. It’s this ability to be adaptable and open to changing situations that makes a great security guard.


It probably comes as no surprise that a security guard needs to be trusted. After all a company owner may be trusting them with the keys to their business and everything that entails.

Quick thinking

Although security guards are usually trained to a high degree, when an incident does occur the guard in question needs to be able to think on their feet while remaining calm and professional. They might have to make quick decisions which may or may not save property, assets, and in some instances, lives.

Common sense

Although like any job there are rules and regulations that need to be followed they should possess sufficient common sense to know how and when to work around any issue for the best possible outcome, especially if it entails potential risk to their clients or employees.

Be able to take instructions and to lead

Many times security personnel may have to work within a larger team and be able to respond to orders given. Other times they may have to take sole charge of any given situation. A good security guard should be able to be comfortable working within a team, but are also just as comfortable stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility when needs must.


Perhaps the most important quality of any security guard is the ability to be able to communicate. Whether this is relaying important information to their client or instructing people in the event of a situation such as a fire evacuation

So there you have it, 7 great qualities every security guard should possess. At MA Services Group all our security personnel are both highly trained and experienced so whether you’re looking for a mobile security team to patrol your premises out of hours, or large scale security for a concert or event, then come and speak to us on 03 9994 4107 today. Our friendly team are standing by to assist.

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