5 Low-Tech, Low-Cost Tips To Cut Store Theft

As a small business
retailer, throwing money at the problem of shop-lifting isn’t always
an option. In addition taking advantage of the kinds of technology
that larger retailers are privy to, such as door scanners, facial
recognition software, and even security cameras might also be beyond
the scope of smaller businesses. However as retail theft costs
businesses upwards of $13 billion per year, it remains a problem that
needs to be confronted. With this in mind, just how do you do this on
a limited budget. Here are 5 low-tech, low cost ways to help cut
store theft.

Keep your space

A well organised retail
space is easier to watch over. When items are placed on the shelves
towards the front to create a neat solid wall of stock it becomes
easy to spot when merchandise is missing. Also avoid placing stock in
corners where visibility is minimal. It creates an inviting
opportunity for any would-be shoplifter. Finally clothing that is
piled on top of one another becomes impossible to keep track of and
can send out a signal to shoplifters that this particular store is an
easy target, so keep it tidy and organised.

Be vigilant

If you come with the
mindset that there is always going to be someone who wants to steal
from you, then you’re adopting the right mindset. With this in mind
it pays to watch out for any unusual behaviour. For example anyone
wearing a heavy long coat in the middle of summer, might not be
wearing it because they’re feeling chilly. Anyone who spends more
time watching the sales staff rather than actually shopping might
also be a suspect. How about the shopper who picks up random items
without any particular interest. All of these people might be out to
steal from you, so learn to recognise the signs and above all, be

Create good training

If you operate with
staff it’s important to train them up and use them as a tool to
safeguard against retail theft. For example, get staff to greet new
customers as they walk through the door. This lets the customer know
that you’re aware of their presence. Create a policy around bags
brought into the store by shoppers. Finally have a code that enables
staff to alert others of any potential suspicious activity.

Don’t under-estimate
the importance of signage

Never under-estimate
the importance of signage. Visual cues can be an incredibly effective
tool for warding off potential shop lifters. Strategically placed
signs noting that ‘shoplifters will be prosecuted’ or that ‘security
cameras are in place’ even if they aren’t, is likely to ward off more
shop lifters than you might think.

Think light and airy

Shop lifters like
nothing more than dark corners, so try to keep your store well lit.
Change any bulbs that aren’t working and eliminate blind spots by
putting up a mirror. Keep your retail space light, bright and airy,
this way it’s easier to spot anything untoward or strange.

So there you have it. 5
low tech, low-cost tips that you can use to cut store theft. At MA
Services Group as well as supplying security guards for events,
companies and personal protection, we also carry out security
inspections and recommendations to large and small businesses. Why
not give us a call on 1300 020 406 to see just how we
can help you to protect your business. Do something right now and
don’t become another part of the growing statistic.   

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