Workplace Security – What’s The True Cost Of Small Business Security

In addition to businesses losing out to cyber theft smaller and smaller to medium-sized companies are falling victim to crime. In fact, combined criminal activity in the guise of burglary, vandalism, and fraud cost Australian businesses a staggering $4 billion last year. Combined with cybercrime, that’s a 47% increase. Yet despite these statistics when companies are looking to outsource their security, one of the first questions they want to know is…. “how much will it cost me?”

While it’s understandable that cost should always be a key driver in a variety of business decisions, perhaps when business are looking at outsourcing their security needs, cost shouldn’t automatically be the underlying reason. The issue lies in the fact that most businesses are reluctant to spend money on aspects of their business that are non-revenue generating. As a result, they will commonly take a “we don’t want to throw money at it until something happens” approach. While this is commendable, it isn’t doing them any favours.


Because quite simply the real value of outsourcing security to a highly skilled team isn’t measured in cold hard cash with definable amounts. Instead, it’s measured in the better secure feeling that staff have, the better impression you give to potential clients who visit your premises, and the integrity that you preserve as a caring and committed boss. Sure, if you have experienced stock or unexplainable cash losses then this will be better reflected given time, but ultimately it’s about the overall picture of a happier workforce, clients who are pleased to do business with you, and the growth of your business moving into the future.

The truth is this. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 44 small to medium-sized businesses close their doors for the last time every single day. Thieves and online criminals will deliberately target smaller businesses because they know they probably don’t have the resources to tackle them. Sadly for many, while the larger companies have the finances in place to ride the storm, smaller organisations can’t absorb those levels of revenue loss. Ultimately it drives them out of business. As a result outsourcing security may just be the answer.

Here at MA Security, we’re an experienced team of highly skilled security experts. As well as providing security for a wide number of individuals and events, we also help small to medium-sized companies protect their assets. For further information on how we can help you, contact us today on 1300 020 406 and talk to our friendly team.

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