Top Tips For Securing Your Business Premises

For this latest post we
wanted to give some advice to business owners looking to make their
premises more secure. Not only to act as a physical deterrent against
criminal activity but also to capture valuable evidence which can
then be passed on to the police should they break in.

Securing the outside

When considering
whether your premises is secure it pays to put yourself in the shoes
of a burglar. Take a walk round and ask yourself could you easily
break into your premises if you wanted to? Do you have any dimly lit
corners or areas where someone could break in without being seen? Do
you have any obvious gaps in your fencing where someone could enter?
Is there any well-placed signage to state that the property is being
monitored for security? Do you have any attractive items such as
machinery or metals on full view? If the results leave you thinking
that you could do more to make your premises less of a target, then
it’s time to take action.

Security lighting

Dimly lit corners are a
haven for criminals looking to break into your property so you might
want to think about security lighting. Adding perimeter lighting can
be a cheap form of security and one that’s incredibly effective.
Motion sensors too might also increase the chances of a suspicious
person being seen when moving across your premises, so again you
might want to proudly advertise the fact.


CCTV cameras won’t stop
the most determined of people from breaking into your property.
However what perfectly placed CCTV cameras can do is to capture clear
evidence of criminal activity during the event. This way any captured
images can be passed directly on to the police to aid any criminal
investigation. For this reason it’s worth spending good money on the
best that you can afford. A quality system can track movements of
people while producing clear and concise images both day and night.
Some can send you alerts via email and real-time images can even be
viewed from your smartphone.

Alarm systems

Lastly for the interior
of your premises an alarm system is vital. Apart from raising the
alarm it will be hooked up to either a private security company or
the police. Make sure that alarm codes used to arm and disarm the
system when entering and leaving the building are changed frequently
and limit code knowledge to just a few trusted people.

At MA Security as well
as offering security services we can design and install a wide range
of CCTV and security alarm systems that will make your premises far
less attractive to criminals. To find out more contact us on 1300
020 406
and talk to our friendly but experienced team.

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