The Issues Of Responding To An Alarm Call-Out Explained

When it comes to company alarm call-outs, many small businesses prefer to take care of the alarm response themselves. While this clearly saves money it can create a multitude of underlying issues that can have an large impact on your business in the future. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Puts a strain on personal security and health and safety

Every time you or an employee responds to an alarm call-out, you can guarantee that it’s going to happen the wrong side of midnight when the area is quiet. In most cases it’s usually a false alarm, however if the premises is subject to theft or criminal activity, you could be placing yourself in a large amount of danger. Also because personal livelihood is at stake for many business owners many owners will tackle assailants, putting personal safety in jeopardy.

Added responsibilities can impact heavily on a company’s productivity

Owning and running a business comes with so many differing responsibilities, and managing your own private security is yet another drain on your and your employees’ time. The last thing a responder needs is to be woken in the middle of the night and for them to waste several hours dealing with the problem. It may mean them having to take time off during the working day to recuperate. This being the case it can have an impact on the overall productivity of your company.

The domino effect

If you’re already up against a tight deadline, being a person light, probably isn’t the best scenario because it puts a greater strain on the rest of the team. As a result others may call in sick and before you know it, it’s impacted heavily on your business. The issue is that if you’re having to spend time dealing with alarm call-outs, your business may suffer because you aren’t focusing on what you do best – satisfying the needs of your clients.

Employee response to an accident or injury when acting as first responder

Many companies hand over the responsibility of duty responder to their employees. The issue with this is that if the employee were to suffer injury as a result of responding to an alarm call out, you don’t really know how they’re going to react. Is your company liability going to be called into question for example? Are you personally responsible and therefore in the firing line? The point is that by handing over the responsibility of alarm call outs to employees it can create (at the very best) an air of uncertainty, or at worse, a string of legal issues and disputes.

Is there a solution?

In essence, leave it to the professionals! Bringing in professional help in the form of a security key holding service gives you the means to concentrate solely on aspects of your business, while outsourcing the security aspect to someone else. There’s no more worry about staff safety, legal issues, or company productivity. Instead they take care of everything from securing the premises during non-working hours and providing alarm monitoring and cover if an intruder alarm is triggered.

At MA Security as well as providing security personnel for businesses we also deal with key holding and alarm monitoring. Why not contact us on 1300 020 406 and talk to our friendly but experienced team about how we can help you. Think about it! Outsourcing your security responsibilities to us, not only protects you and your employees. It also protects your assets and your business as a whole. Who wouldn’t want that?

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