Why Businesses Should Consider A Professional Key Holding Service?

KeyholdingWhen your business alarm is activated, you can almost bet your last dollar that it’s just when you’re sitting down to a meal with the family or about to drift off to sleep in a warm and cosy bed.

Aside from the inconvenience of having to respond to false alarm activations, there’s always the worry of what might happen when you arrive bleary-eyed and unprotected at your warehouse, office, or retail store.

What exactly is a keyholding service?

A keyholding service involves a security company keeping your keys in a secure place labelled with a code. Often this service can be utilised when access is needed to a building or site, out of working hours, for security reasons.

At MA Services, we retain your keys and bring them to your building as and when necessary, meaning that you don’t have to be on call when you’re away from the building. This service can be utilised alongside any existing security system or as a stand-alone service.

What are the benefits of a keyholding service?

Peace of mindProfessional key holding can benefit your business by taking away the need for you or someone else to attend alarm activation. This ensures that only a professionally trained security guard arrives at what could be a potentially dangerous situation.

Fast response – With our efficient service you can be assured that our fully licensed security guards will provide a reliable solution, quickly responding to any alarm call, ensuring the safety of your premises, and alerting the police right away should there be any signs of criminal activity. Speaking of a quick response, having numerous guards to call on, we can usually send one to the scene far quicker than it would be for you or an employee to don some clothes, get your car out of the garage, and travel across town.

Safe-keeping Should you happen to lose your keys, then you’ll be so thankful that we have another set sitting in a secure place.

What about alternative options?

Well, you could, of course, entrust a member of your staff to become the primary keyholder but this being the case, there are several factors to consider:

  • Has that person received any formal training in alarm response?
  • What would happen if they came face to face with an intruder?
  • How long does it take for them to get from their home to your site?
  • Do you think it’s fair that they may get disturbed in the middle of the night?
  • Will broken sleep affect their ability to give 100% attention to their job?
  • Are they prepared to wait an hour or more for an engineer to arrive?
  • What if they’re enjoying a night out with their friends when they get called out and have had one or more beers, or they’re ill or away on holiday? Who will cover then?

You won’t have to worry about any of these factors when you let us act as your keyholding service. We have more than enough guards to cover sick leave and days off.

Furthermore, a staff member could be at serious risk if they arrive at the scene and one or more intruders are on the premises. Using a security company allows you to sleep at night knowing that whatever might occur, there is a trained security guard on hand to take care of the matter.

As well as providing a key holding service, we can plan, design, and install a variety of security systems for your business. Why not give MA Services a call today on 1300 020 406.