Concierge Security Services – 9 Reasons To Use It In Your Business

concierge security services There’s never been a more critical time for companies to be aware of security. The safety of your workforce and visitors should be a top priority in your business management plan.

Most people when they hear the term ‘concierge’ think of hotels but were you aware that a concierge can provide security as well as many other benefits, which could make them an ideal choice of security guard for your business? We’ve put together 9 reasons why your business needs to have concierge security on site.

  2. The very presence of a person who is trained in all security matters is sufficient to deter lawbreakers – most people intent on becoming a nuisance will see a security guard and bid a hasty retreat.
  3. Repeat customers are the type of customer that every business wants since they provide a more reliable means of income. One way of gaining and keeping repeat customers is by having a friendly person manning the front desk. Remove the stereotype guard and customers will find entering your building more appealing and casual.
  4. A concierge can be counted on to provide feedback on aspects of your premises which could help improve your business objectives – such as areas to improve, staff behaviour and client behaviour etc.
  5. As burglaries, violence, and terrorism rise in Australia, further security steps can help give staff and visitors added peace of mind. Staff morale is particularly important since it has direct links with attendance and performance – both of which are important if you want to grow your business. Therefore, it’s vital to explore all avenues which can maintain morale.
  6. They become a point of contact both for staff and visitors. Since a concierge is likely to be your only client-facing employee, hiring an individual who is trained in reception etiquette as well as security, not only improves safety but your brand too.
  7. A concierge can also carry out other duties such as answering the phone, dealing with customer queries, issuing visitor badges, and logging details of everyone who comes through the door – which a previous guard may not have been able to do. In essence, a skilled concierge merges two members of staff into one.
  8. Sometimes the presence of a static guard can feel a little intimidating – almost conveying a message that a dangerous situation could be imminent. A friendly concierge is a more subtle security method, taking away the fear factor which can be associated with some companies.
  9. Police resources are becoming ever more stretched, a fact which criminals are likely to take advantage of. Having someone alert and security trained means they can respond in seconds and prevent or minimise any threat or danger.

MA Services has a well-established security and guard team who have multiple years of experience in the industry and are trained, qualified professionals. Why not get in touch with us to see how our concierge service could help your business and how it can be tailored to meet your reception and security needs. Call us today on 1300 020 406 and let’s talk security.