How To Secure Your Home Without Making It Look Like Fort Knox

They say that your home is your castle, but lets face it, if you want to keep unwanted guests out you really don’t have to dig a moat around your property (especially in the 21st century). In fact if you did, you’d probably be advertising the fact that you’ve got something seriously valuable inside and to a burglar that’s like a red rag to a bull. So the question is how do you make your home secure and protect your assets without making it look like Fort Knox? Here are some pointers that won’t cost you the earth.

Make it difficult for a burglars

If a burglar had to make a choice about which home to break into, the chances are that they’d choose the easiest option. This means plenty of places that they can conceal their activities from prying eyes. Tall thick shrubbery around your windows and doorways for example, gives then the perfect opportunity to do this, so remove them if possible. Or alternatively keep them well trimmed.

Make your lighting motion sensored

When it comes to outside lighting many people think that lighting that comes on with a timer is a deterrent. In some cases it can help, but if a burglar has been casing the place or the area for a few days (and some do) they’ll know your routines anyway. Alternatively, why not install a powerful motion sensor floodlight instead? When that kicks in and neighbours know you’re not at home, it immediately tells them that it’s either a neighbourhood cat, or that something’s going down.

Hide your assets from prying eyes

This doesn’t mean shoving them under the mattress for safe keeping. Instead keep goods and valuables hidden from prying eyes. If you own a well deserved but nonetheless expensive car for example, then look to keep it in a garage rather than sitting it on your driveway. Moreover if you’ve just purchased the very latest flat screen TV, then dispose of the box it came in rather than leaving it out by the rubbish bin for all to see. Remember you really don’t want to be giving a burglar the idea that you’ve got something worth stealing.

Don’t advertise your security system

If you do have a good security system fitted, then it’s best not to have one of those ‘protected by ADT‘ type stickers on your gate. This is music to a burglars ears because once they know the type of security system, they’re more than likely to know someone who can disable it. Instead give a warning by all means, but make it a generic one.

Get a dog

It doesn’t have to be a strapping great Alsatian or Doberman either. To any would-be burglar, the sound of a dog barking is often enough to make them think twice, so if you have a smaller yappy dog, then that will do the trick just as well.

Remember your goal isn’t to make your place look like Fort Knox, instead you’re looking to make it a less attractive target than other houses on your street. You, don’t want to be the one that attracts the attention of unwanted guests.

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