How To Protect Your Business – Advice From An Ex Burglar

For many small business owners burglary is a real threat. In fact on average more than 63,000 businesses fall victim to burglary each and every year. Sadly, as insurance premiums increase and employees leave due to increased security concerns, many small businesses simply don’t survive and many cease trading. So what can you do to ensure that your business doesn’t become part of a statistic? Michael Fraser an ex burglar turned TV presenter gives some solid advice. The first thing that a burglar is looking for is weakness. This is the main factor that will attract a burglar to your premises. He goes on to say….If I look at your business premises and realise that there are valuable or attractive possessions on show, it’s badly secured, there is limited or no lighting and plenty of cover, then the reality is that it’s going to be easy pickings.” With this in mind, here’s what you can do to make it more difficult for criminals and protect your premises.
  • Light it up

Let’s face it burglars don’t want to be seen. They prefer to skulk around in the shadows and having insufficient or zero lighting makes it easy for them to do so. This being the case, look to illuminate pathways, door entrances, parking areas, and building exteriors. Motion-sensored spotlights are ideal and don’t cost a lot to fit.
  • Don’t forget your shrubbery

While trees and shrubbery may be great for aesthetics, they can also offer excellent cover for anyone looking to enter your premises illegally. Therefore look to keep planting, trees, and bushes trimmed around pathways and entrance areas to eliminate any potential hiding spots. As an alternative, why not choose low growing or ground covering planting as it can provide that much needed aesthetic look, without creating hidden areas where burglars can go about their business undetected.
  • Don’t be lax with your locks

Locks that appear old and rusty are music to a burglar’s ears. With the right piece of makeshift equipment such as a jemmy, they can be entered in seconds. Conversely, multi-pointed locks complete with deadbolts are way more likely to deter a burglar from entering. Hint – Unless it’s a fire escape, consider keeping side doors locked even during business hours.
  • Don’t advertise your dog

Advertising the fact that you have guard dogs on your business premises may seem like a good idea but to any seasoned burglar, this is good news. It simply alerts seasoned intruders to the fact that there probably isn’t a motion sensor alarm on the premises, otherwise the dogs would end up setting it off all the time.
  • No cause for alarm!

Of course, alarm systems are a real deterrent for any burglar looking for easy targets. Security systems should always be installed by a licensed security company and in this case quality counts. According to ex-burglar Michael Fraser “It doesn’t take much for a professional burglar to bypass cheaper systems and they can spot dummy alarm systems a mile off, so go for a seasoned named brand like Yale, Chubb, or Banham.”
  • Display away

Finally, never leave valuable or attractive items on display. Whether that’s construction equipment, copper piping, or windows full of merchandise. Consider removing it to a safe or concealed place during non-working hours. So there you have it! Even if you consider your business premises to be in a safe place and that it will never happen to you, business owners should look to adopt these simple measures. Remember a badly secured premises is an invitation to any criminal so why make it yours! If you’d like to find out more about protecting your business premises, contact MA Security today on 1300 020 406.

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