7 Factors To Consider When Outsourcing Your Security Company

So you’ve made a decision to hire a security company to help protect your business, but what do you look for in a company? How do you differentiate one security company from the other? Let’s take a closer look….

  • Opt for locally-owned companies

While it may be considered beneficial to opt for the big national chains, locally-owned security companies may just serve you better. A smaller agency is sure to give you more attention and that personal approach is something that is lost on the larger corporations. Speaking of personal approaches… with a smaller locally owned company you’re more likely to have the boss’s number should you have a problem or query, rather than have to go through a large call centre situated hundreds of miles away.

  • Do they place a priority on customer service?

Of course, security is the number one goal of any security company, but what should come a close second is customer service. Let’s face it…if you run any form of business it’s likely that you have to deal with customers on a regular basis. So if you come across a security company that doesn’t place customer service very high on their list of priorities, then it could be costing you financially in the long term by hiring them.

  • References

Any company worth their salt should be willing to provide references unless of course, they have something to hide. In this case, you may want to avoid them like the plague! Instead, opt for a security company that is open to giving references and is happy to provide contact details of past and present clients.

  • Do they work to your schedules?

A good security company will be flexible enough to fit in with your needs and requirements, whatever they are. If that means supplying guards short term simply to cover sickness or holidays then they should at least be open to discussion. If your requirements meet a lot of deep breaths and shaking of heads, then you know where you stand!

  • Are they licensed and insured?

This is a biggie! Recently there has been a spate of illegal security companies in the news. So you need to ensure that the agency you opt for is both above board and fully legal. They should for instance be able to supply current and valid state security licenses and show adequate insurance coverage. Forms of insurance include general and auto liability and workman’s comp. So always check.

  • Required specific training

Depending upon the role that you want the security guard to take will depend upon the training they need. If it’s simply for static guarding duties then perhaps basic security training will do. However if you need them to take on a more customer-orientated role – eg, front desk or reception – then you’ll want to ensure they have had the relevant customer service training too. As an example here at MA Security, we have concierge-trained security guards who have high degrees of customer service knowledge as well as that all-important security background.

  • Cost

While you may not always want to hire the company that delivers the lowest quote, you’ll undoubtedly have a budget to work towards. For this reason, you should ensure you get the right company at the right price. So questions like:

Does my business have to cover the cost of uniforms, supplies etc?” or… “How will I be charged?” are vital in ensuring that there is no confusion when it comes to final costs.

So there you have it – 7 factors to consider when looking to outsource your security needs. While we may not be able to influence your decision on who to hire, it would be crazy not to use this opportunity to do a spot of self-promotion. So before you consider anyone else, come and talk to MA Security. Our highly experienced but friendly team are standing by to answer any questions you might have. Contact us on 1300 202 406 to find out more about how we can help you today.

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