Exploring The World Of Concierge Security

When we generally talk about concierge services it usually relates to the helpful person at the hotel you stayed in recently. You know, the one who made a restaurant reservation on your behalf at a great little bistro and also managed to get tickets for your favourite show. However in today’s modern world, there’s a growing number of commercial, retail and residential buildings that also require this service. Conversely though, aside from answering customer queries and taking control of the phones, they also need security. This is where the concierge security guard comes in.

In essence a concierge security service is a cost effective way that businesses can assign a responsible person that they can depend on to deal with a wide variety of security and non-security related issues that come up in a working day. This might be enforcing control of access through to taking delivery of parcels or goods.

So what kind of qualities does a concierge security guard possess?

Unlike a general security guard who simply needs to be relatively fit while having the mental skills to deal with emergency situations, a concierge security guard also needs to have an exemplary PR and customer service background as well as good interpersonal skills. They also need to be flexible enough to work in the corporate sector one minute and the retail sector another. Finally, they need to be responsive and alert.

What are some of the everyday tasks a concierge security guard might carry out?

Many of the tasks will be familiar to most security guards but there are also some that won’t. Duties might include

  • Meeting and greeting clients and visitors
  • Answering company phones
  • Receiving deliveries and packages at the front desk
  • Control and regulation of visitor parking
  • Keeping a daily incident report
  • Assisting contractors and other trades people
  • Carrying out fire drills as instructed and maintaining evacuation procedures
  • Regular patrols of parking and common areas
  • In the case of residential buildings -supervising move-in’s and move-out’s
  • Control of building access

and much more besides…

As you can see a concierge security guard has to be multi-faceted and not only this, they often have to draw from their merging skill set as they’re usually the first face of a company that any potential client is going to see. With this in mind they need to be able to create a professional impression that represents the standards of the company they’re being assigned to. The bottom line is that anyone employing the dual services of a highly-skilled concierge service should find them a great asset to their business and one that will save them money in employee costs (why pay two separate people when one can do the job?).

At MA Services Group we provide highly trained concierge security guards to a wide variety of businesses, many of whom provide an invaluable service. Why not contact us today on 03 9994 4107 and let us show you exactly what we can do for you.

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