Everything You Need To Know About Loss Prevention Officers

Loss Prevention
Officers or LPO’s usually operate in retail environments or areas
where there are large amounts of people. However unlike uniformed
guards which actively patrol the shopping centres and retail outlets,
LPO’s base themselves in a back office where they monitor real time
and video footage collected by the multitude of surveillance cameras.

So what are their
principle roles?

In essence their main
job role is theft prevention and for this reason LPO’s have to be
vigilant. They need to keep up to speed with the latest tactics of
shoplifters and petty criminals. This may include tricks and
techniques such as switching price tags, distraction, or layering,
all of which needs a trained eye to spot. In addition LPO’s may be
called into stores to investigate store personnel who might also be
pursuing criminal behaviour for monetary gains. This could include
grossly undercharging friends and relatives, exchanging one item for
a more expensive product, or simply stealing directly from the till
themselves. Finally they may also be called upon to train staff to
detect shoplifters.

Another part of their
job role is to carry out security evaluations on stores that are
either vulnerable or have previously been targeted. This includes
helping to develop policies and procedures for better theft
prevention, as well as managing risk and liability.
Finally the third part
of their job is report writing. Just like police officers who arrest
anyone for unlawful behaviour, an LPO has to make sure that they fill
out the right documentation. This is usually done in a detailed
report. This way, if any case does go to court then the lawyers have
documented evidence to refer directly too. They also work closely
with local police.

As you can see, just
like security guards who patrol on the ground, Loss Prevention
Officers also have a wide and varied job role. They mainly work in
the retail sector but larger organisations with multiple outlets or a
large amount of assets may also hire LPO’s to work exclusively with

At MA Security we pride
ourselves on being covert/overt loss prevention specialists. We have
formulated our very own in-house LPO training program which all staff
have to complete. This ensures that all our staff are able to carry
out their job roles to the highest standards.

If you need a LPO or
would like to find out more about the qualifications needed to become
one them contact MA Security on 1300 020 406 today and
speak to our friendly and experienced team who can help.

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