5 Simple Ways In Which You Can Become More Security Conscious

Although you may feel that you are security conscious to an extent it’s quite possible that there is room for improvement. Just as thieves, armed robbers, and terrorists are improving their skills it’s important to stay on the ball and not to lose focus on security.

Here are 5 simple ways in which you can improve your security efforts at home, in the office, and in transit.

Break away from routine

A criminal intent on his target will spend time undercover watching your every move in order to observe the consistencies in your daily routine. This may be taking the same route to and from work, always having a drink in the same bar on a Friday night, and using the same password for all of your bank cards.

The more you act in a predictable manner, the easier it becomes for a criminal to strike. They’ll simply plan their attack to coincide with your predictable patterns in life. For example, if you always leave work at the same time every day, a criminal will time their attack accordingly.

So try and mix things up by altering your journey to work, drinking at different bars, and changing your passwords for each ATM card. Change anything that gives a potential criminal more clues to your life.

Keep your mouth shut

You never know who may be eavesdropping on your conversation, so don’t share private information in public places such as a bar, café, shopping mall, church, school, party, or any public gathering. The more information a criminal is privy too, the more accurate will be their attack. Also, when you’re speaking on the phone don’t mention out loud any amounts of money since word can easily get around. Keep your voice low, especially when discussing business matters.

Keep records

If you haven’t kept any records then how can anything be missing? To help guard against theft of valuable items always ensure there are proper records in place of their existence. This is even more important if you’re away from work or home and on your travels. Keep track of your luggage, your money and your time. Criminals often work by using delaying tactics to engage you in conversation while another member of the gang is at work.

In the workplace be sure to keep an inventory of your stock since even if you trust your staff, how do you know you can trust customers not to make off with your goods?

Don’t walk alone

As much as you can, try not to walk unaccompanied especially during odd times of the day. The chances of coming under attack when you’re on your own are considerably higher than when you have someone by your side.


Finally, no matter how security conscious you are there there will always be dangers, risks, and threats which are beyond your control. These things are natural occurrences like fire, flood, and tornados which can’t be prevented. The only way you can minimise these threats of nature is by insuring your losses, thus making insurance a good security measure. Even though we’re in the security business, we make sure we’re insured against all eventualities.

If you need help to be security conscious then MA Services Group are the people to talk to. We can train your own security staff, provide static guards or concierge, and recommend CCTV or alarm systems for your premises. Call us today on 03 9994 4107 to discuss how we can assist you.

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