5 Attributes That Every Good Security Guard Needs

MA Security Guards TeamWhether they’re working in a corporate environment or at the local retail park a security guard has an important role to fill. That is to protect the people around him. That’s a lot of responsibility and not one that can be taken lightly. As such security companies look to hire people who are mature and responsible enough to carry out such a job role. While these are the base level traits every security guard should possess, there are also others that might make them more of an ideal candidate. Let’s take a closer look…

Not easily distracted

Being alert and aware of your surroundings even when distractions are forthcoming is an excellent trait that all good security guards possess. An unobservant guard for example could easily miss something which might put people’s lives in jeopardy or could fail to spot criminal activity, so to ensure the security of people and property a security guard needs to remain alert.


Let’s face it, security personnel can be left in charge of millions of dollars worth of property and equipment, so they need to possess the highest degrees of integrity. A security guard that isn’t honest might put the company at risk, costing them thousands of dollars in the process.
For this reason, it’s so important for security companies to run background checks on all employees to see if they have ever been dishonest in any way.

Be physically fit

An unfit or overweight security guard might not be able to fulfil their job role properly and when that happens lives could potentially be in danger. It goes without saying that being in good shape leads to physical and mental alertness and although we’re not suggesting for one minute that a candidate needs to be a honed athlete, they do need to take care of their appearance and be able to respond to situations quickly if needs be.

Good communication

Communication skills are so important when it comes to being a security guard. That means both verbally and in written format. They often have to fill in detailed reports, and any information missed or not conveyed properly, could put lives in danger. In addition more and more security guards are being employed in a customer focussed roles and although this is a specialised skill, being able to communicate effectively is one of the main cornerstones.


The fifth and final trait every good security guard needs is the ability to be flexible. You could for instance be positioned at a gate one-day checking people in and out, and another day you could be carrying out a mobile or roving patrol. A good security guard is one who is able to quickly adapt and make the changes necessary to suit the environment they’re

At MA Security, all our security personnel are handpicked after possessing many traits listed above. They go on to obtain the relevant security licenses, master licenses and accreditations necessary to be the very best. If you need to hire a security guard, then why not contact us on 1300 020 406 and put us to the test.

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