4 Types Of Business That Can Really Benefit From Surveillance

The good news is that
when it comes to security, protecting your business doesn’t have to
involve spending tens of thousands of dollars on security personnel.
Instead it can be something as simple as keeping a watchful eye on
your premises. While surveillance is a must for virtually any ‘bricks
and mortar’ company, there are some types of business which can
really benefit from it. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look
at a few of them.

Car dealerships

There’s no getting away
from the fact that cars are both appealing and valuable. Add to the
fact that the vast majority of car dealerships are forced to keep
their valuable merchandise outside and it’s easy to see how they
could become an attractive proposition for any thief looking to turn
a quick buck. Not only this, cars (especially the faster ones) are
often stolen to order and then used as getaway vehicles on other
crimes. For these reasons, outside surveillance systems are a must.
Ideally the kind that are designed to notify the proper authorities
the moment a stranger steps onto the property offer the best
solution, but even those that are wired up to security surveillance
teams can often be enough to dissuade criminals from breaking in.

Construction sites

At first glance you
mightn’t think that a dirty old building site has anything that could
attract criminals, but you’d be wrong. On the contrary, materials
such as copper, electrical cable, and even pipework can all be sold
for a handsome profit. Likewise construction vehicles and heavy
equipment doesn’t come cheap and can also be sold for a tidy sum on
the black market. In addition, in recent years there have been cases
where thieves have targeted cash machines or banks where they’ve used
machinery (such as diggers and telehandlers) as weapons. When you
also take into account that construction sites have many dark
recesses and unlit areas that can provide plenty of cover when
carrying out criminal activity, then it’s easy to see how
construction sites are a good target. For this reason outdoor
surveillance using a good quality system is essential.

Industrial estates

This isn’t necessarily
one business but rather a collection of businesses contained within
an industrial estate or area. As such they provide an Aladdin’s cave
of equipment and goods which can provide easy pickings for any
criminal or thief, all of which can be bought and sold for monetary
gain. For this reason, and because of their remote locations outside
of town centres, industrial estates might well be considered as an
easy target. Outside surveillance cameras placed in strategic
positions throughout the estate or indeed regular security patrols
can all provide some much needed protection.

Power plants

We all need power to be
able to function, however the vast majority of substations and power
plants that provide that much needed electricity are located in
remote or sparsely populated areas. Thieves often target these
installations to steal cabling which is then stripped alongside a
wide variety of other valuable components contained within. Because
of their remote location power plants can and do make for an easy
target. CCTV cameras linked in to a security monitoring station can
provide a great deterrent for any criminal looking to make some quick

At MA Services Group we
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