Our CSR Approach


Our Corporate Social Responsibility Approach

At MA Services Group we're committed to corporate social responsibility. The three foundational pillars of our commitment are Our People, Our Planet and Our Community, and we have worked together to implement a strategy that is intricately linked to all that we do.

One that sees us form partnerships and take actions that influence greater balance in our communities, promote healthier, more sustainable choices and ensure that as a business we give back.


The CSR Committee

We have a CSR Committee which is a group of individuals within the organisation who help the company implement our CSR initiatives.

The Committee:

  • Meets monthly and reviews the Our People, Planet and Community objectives and targets
  • Complies with all relevant legislation, regulations and policies in Australia
  • Produces initiatives to achieve our objectives and targets.
  • Strives for continual improvement of performance through the monitoring of our achievements on a regular basis and reporting to relevant stakeholders

Our Community

Working amongst the community, we know how integral communities are and that’s why we are adamant about giving back. To date we have supported our community by:

Supporting the LGBTQI+ community

  • Our staff wear pride uniforms to show our support of the LGBTQI+ community
  • Our team actively engages in and supports inclusion initiatives, through our involvement in events such as Wear it Purple Day, active participation in the Pride March during the Midsumma Festival, and various other impactful initiatives that foster a diverse, inclusive and a safe workspace for every individual.

Indigenous Engagement

  • We have an Indigenous Participation Plan that describes the significant opportunity MASG presents to positively impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, businesses and communities. The plan sets out how the project aims to develop a diverse and inclusive workforce and supply chain by increasing Aboriginal participation through targeted programs


As Supporting Partners of Red Kite (Australia’s leading childhood cancer support charity) we provide financial support to RedKite which is distributed towards their most urgent areas. These are funds for families under financial strain as a result of their child being diagnosed with cancer, bereavement and counselling support or programs such as music therapy delivered at hospital.
With a calendar of activations that MASG and Red Kite share, the MASG staff also participate in volunteering opportunities as well as ongoing fundraising activities for Red Kite.

Our People

Underpinning everything we do is the desire to provide a safe, healthy and balanced workplace where our people can be themselves and are valued for their individuality and diversity.

Our focus areas and what we’ve achieved to date include:

Gender equality

  • We have equal pay across all gender denominations
  • We have inclusion targets aligned to event participation and sponsorship

Mental health support

  • We have dedicated team member well-being programs as well as an EAP program through Acacia EAP

Supporting people with disabilities

  • Our PPS teamwork with Workforce Australia, Disability employment services, Youth Providers and Indigenous community centers and employ people living with a disability, injury, over 45, health condition and those who require additional support.
  • To date we have successfully placed over 500+ employees into work from our community providers with a 92% retention rate due to the assistance of the PPS team

Our Planet

We only have one Earth, and it is every individual’s and business’s responsibility to do all that we can to preserve it for generations to come. Our business commitment to the planet and what we’ve achieved to date includes:

Reducing the carbon emissions our business makes

  • We have 100% recyclable uniforms including pride and indigenous inspired designs
  • We have replaced over half of our current patrol fleets with hybrid and electric vehicles
  • We installed solar panels that not only provide clean energy for our head office operations but also power our EV chargers and EV mobile patrols, facilitating our team’s transition towards a greener future.

Educating and engaging our staff on the impact of climate emissions

  • We run programs to educate our staff on how they can reduce their carbon emissions

Reducing supplier emissions

  • We use Diversey environmentally certified products, which are made entirely from renewable plant resources and is highly biodegradable.

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