Why Shopping Centre Security Is Needed

With over 16.7 million
people flowing through Chadstone Shopping Centre (the largest
shopping centre in Australia it creates a huge number of challenges
that can arise particularly when it comes to security. For this
reason when you’ve got large amounts of people congregating in any
area, whether it be at Chadstone’s, or any other shopping centre it’s
important that security is taken seriously. Doing so not only creates
a pleasant environment for everyone either visiting or working, but
it also ensures that everything is being done to keep the people
within safe. So what exactly could go wrong? Let’s take a closer look


After the shocking
events of the Westgate Shopping Mall attack in November 2013 where
several gunmen opened fire and killed 67 people, shopping centres
around the world are seen to be an easy target. They’re crowded
places where people congregate to do their shopping, to eat, to watch
a movie, or to go bowling and as such many security companies are
focusing their efforts on looking out for any suspicious activity
should it occur.

Lost children

Security personnel
based in shopping centres don’t just deal with criminals and
terrorists, one of their many tasks are reuniting parents with lost
children. In areas that are so vast where there’s lots to see and do,
it’s easy for a child to wander off. A prominent visible security
presence in shopping centres provides parents with the reassurance
that they can turn to a security guard if their child does
unfortunately go missing. Many shopping centres are also adopting
child friendly zone stickers and waiting/meeting points where
children can wait to be found should they inadvertently become
separated from their parents.


Of course, when you’ve
got a lot of retailers under one roof the shoplifters are never far
behind. In 2012-2013 shoplifters cost retailers over $1 billion in
lost revenue. While shopping centre security aren’t necessarily
deployed in each and every store, their presence around the centre is
often enough to dissuade many from trying.


Thankfully there are
very few incidents involving fires but with so many people and
property under one roof, it’s easy to see how even the smallest fire
could be catastrophic if it’s allowed to get out of control. A
trained security presence can ensure a quick and successful,
evacuation process should the need arise.

As you can see,
security personnel especially in busy shopping centres have to remain
both vigilant and diligent to ensure that the people within are both
safe and secure.

To find out more about
shopping centre security or indeed, if you’re a smaller retailer who
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