Why Hiring A Security Guard Makes Sense

Let’s face it, no
matter what the size of your business, there’s always the chance that
you’ll be targeted by criminals, and although banks and retail stores
may be more of a target, criminals are always quick to seize
opportunities anywhere they can. Hiring a security guard, therefore,
isn’t just a necessity but offers several benefits to your business.
Let’s take a look.

Gives a feeling of

The very presence of a
security company makes employees and customers feel safe in their
environment, besides giving the business owner peace of mind. If an
employee doesn’t have to worry about his or her safety, they’ll be
more at ease and focused on carrying out their role in the company.
In addition, it’s been found that hiring a security guard increases
employee retention, especially in companies that sell luxury products
or where companies are located in high risk areas.

The presence of a
security company also relays the message that you care about the
welfare of your customers.

Crime prevention

Because a guard is
specially trained to sniff out suspicious activity, they can often
prevent a crime from occurring. An armed guard lets delinquents know
in no uncertain terms that you are serious about the protection of
your business and that they’re best to target somewhere else.

Taking a wider role

You may want to
consider hiring a concierge security guard. These are guards who have
also been trained in a customer service role and can be utilised in
different roles within your business. You might use them on
reception, for example, where they can meet and greet visitors and
point them in the right direction. They can also take phone calls and
sign for parcels. By being the first person a customer or visitor
meets, a friendly helpful security guard can enhance your customer

Take control of
security issues

Security guards are
trained to take control of security issues and should a crime occur
they’re the best person to deal with it. They can arrive at the site
quickly, apprehend a suspect, and interview witnesses as well as
checking the area for any safety risks.

Maintain safety at all

Guards are trained in a
wide variety of practices such as patrolling the premises after
hours, ensuring all doors and windows are locked, restricting access
to certain areas, monitoring video surveillance, and checking visitor

If you’re considering
hiring a security guard then come and talk to MA Services Group. Our
guards are fully licensed and highly trained in all aspects of
security. Give us a call on 1300 020 406 t see how we can help you.

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