What Video Surveillance System Do I Need For My Business?

For most large and
small businesses the benefits of video surveillance equipment offer
the perfect security solution. Together with strategically placed
warning signs for example, they can offer a true deterrent against
any opportunist burglar, vandal, or criminal. They can also capture
crime should it occur and be used as documentary evidence should it
come to prosecution. Finally it keeps employees on their toes should
they think about doing anything foolish or criminal when the boss
isn’t around. That said there are a plethora of surveillance systems
on the market ranging from a $100 up to $10,000, but the real
question is – Which one do I need for my business? Let’s take a look
at some of the criteria you might need to think about.

Indoor-outdoor or

Do you plan to house
your cameras indoors, outdoors. or both? If you want to opt for
outdoor surveillance then you’ll want to make sure that your cameras
have dust and weather proof housing.

Fields of view

Do you want your camera
to be fixed on one particular area such as a cashier area or would
you prefer it to scan a wide area such as a complete manufacturing
floor? Alternatively do you want a camera with a pan tilt zoom (PTZ)
that you can control remotely from an office area? If so you might
prefer a static camera, a wide angle lens camera, or a camera with
PTZ capability respectively.

Quality of image

Are you looking to film
intricate details through limited light such as in a warehouse or
factory. If so a camera with a higher resolution or wider dynamic
range (WDR for short) is your best option. Alternatively if you’re
just looking to film people entering and exiting a building then a
cheaper, lower resolution camera will probably do the job.

Day and night

If you’re planning on
monitoring both day and night, then you’ll need a camera with built
in infrared LED’s to accommodate both day and night surveillance.

Recording speed

What about if you need
to film an area with fast moving objects such as a car park or a
production facility where goods move from one production line to
another quickly? If this is the case then you’ll need to choose a
surveillance system that can achieve a higher frame rate.

If you’re considering
introducing security measures to your business then why not contact
MA Services Group. As well as providing security guards for a wide
range of businesses, events, and private individuals, we also help
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