What Do Mobile Security Patrol Services Do?

Mobile Patrol CarsWhen most people think of mobile security patrols they would probably imagine security guards in uniform driving around a premise or group of premises in a large vehicle acting as a deterrent to any potential thieves, vandals, or general trouble makers. While this is part of what they do, this isn’t the whole story.

Many clients who don’t require dedicated security staff often find that this is an effective and indeed cost-saving option. What’s more, anyone who hires a mobile security patrol might be pleasantly surprised that they do a lot more than drive around in a vehicle. Instead, most services customise what they do in order to fit in with the needs and requirements of the client.

These services include:

Patrolling exterior locations

This means stepping out of the vehicles and physically checking exterior doors and windows to make sure security is enforced. In addition, external areas such as car parks are also checked.

Interior patrols

Just like a static guard, a mobile patrol can also run internal checks if asked. These include the security of offices to make sure no sensitive paperwork is left lying around. Making sure that fire doors are closed, toilets are clear and checked for any water leaks, and no suspicious activity is taking place in common areas


Mobile security patrol personnel can also provide security escorts for employees if asked. This might be because of a specific threat or concern in which the company owner or employee needs to remain vigilant, or because of a shift change to make sure that everyone is where they need to be.

Premises unlock and lock

Mobile security guards might even get tasked with the job of opening up or locking the premises first thing in the morning or last thing at night. This might also include deactivating or activating alarm systems if needed.

Alarm response

Most professional security companies will offer active response and alarm monitoring services. This may be purely based an out of hours monitoring, or it could be 24-hour security depending upon the needs of the employee. If an alarm has been activated then a security guard will automatically be dispatched in a rapid response format.

If you want to find out more about how mobile patrols work or indeed would like to speak about any other security issues that you need addressing then contact MA Services Group. All our guards are fully licensed and highly experienced and are very used to a wide range of scenarios and situations. Why not visit our website at https://maservicesgroup.com.au/ or contact us directly on 1300 020 406 and talk to the pros.

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