The increasing Importance Of Customer Service In Security Operations

In the not too distant
past security guards were arguably deemed by outsiders to be a none
too friendly bunch where protection of both the people and/or
property under their control came before any kind of customer
consideration. However in the 21st century security job
roles have changed and ultimately this means that security companies
are having to take on more customer-focused roles.

Modern day security

Previously security
guards were mostly seen on construction sites, military
establishments, and large scale businesses where they would present
an imposing view when any ‘would-be’ visitor happened to rock up at
the gate. They would look you up and down at length before deciding
whether to let you in or send you away. Nowadays however things are
very different and the changing roles of the security industry places
security guards in a wide variety of areas including shopping
centres, schools, hospitals, and office bocks as well as gated
communities and at festivals or music events. All of these demand a
more customer focused approach.

Concierge security

You’ve only got to look
at the role of the concierge security guard to see just how closely
related customer service and security have become. Now security
guards placed on reception areas in large scale corporate businesses
or apartment buildings are expected to meet and greet people, offer
help, and give instructions to a wide variety of people. Even 20
years ago it could be argued that these two roles would never have
even been considered in the same breath; but an increasing demand for
security in areas that already have a strong customer service ethic
has resulted in the creation of the concierge security guard.
Nowadays concierge security guards are highly sought after because of
their specialised skills and is one of the most well paid roles in
the security industry.

So where is this

Because of the level of
threat more security guards will be seen in places like shopping
centres, schools, and even popular restaurants where they will have
to balance the problem of protecting the public within and looking
after their needs and/or requirements. In addition with the advent of
social media it’s all to easy for a customer to post a less than
satisfactory comment about a particular guard and that’s easily
reflected on the company they work for. As such more security
companies will need to engage with the public via social media
channels about what they do, and inevitably that means increasing
their transparency.

At MA Security we
always place customer service at the heart of everything we do while
also taking maximum care to protect the public, property, and uphold
security. If you need a security guard for your event, business, or
personal protection, then contact us on 1300 020 406
and talk to our experienced team for a no-obligation quote.

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