Security Guards And The Types Of Roles They Can Undertake

In a society where insecurity and threats are the norm, security guards are becoming more and more popular. They are in effect our trained eyes and ears as we the public go about our daily business, and it could be said that they make the world a safer place. It’s understandable then that the job role of a security guard has changed in recent times, so in this post we’re going to take a closer look at the types of job roles a modern day security guard might be asked to perform.

Personal security guards

This is a specialised role designed to give security to a particular individual or group. Whether this is providing security for celebrities, politicians, high ranking officials, or wealthy individuals, this is an elite role that highly trained security guards can take on. They may or may not carry weapons depending upon the country they are operating in, but their main responsibility is the protection of that particular person, family, or group.

Corporate security guards

Corporate security is less personal body-guarding and more office-based. It can range from concierge security services – meeting and greeting clients, checking in parcels and deliveries, or taking calls, through to managing internal security, the protection of business assets and cyber issues. They might be tasked with developing a company’s security plan or revamping existing security measures.

Public sector security guarding

Public sector security guarding covers a whole remit of places from hospitals and schools through to shopping centres, airports, and parks. In fact anywhere where security may be deemed necessary. As these areas usually incorporate large areas public sector security guards may or may not work in teams. In essence their main responsibility is the safeguarding of the people who enter or work in the building.

Event security

Similar to public sector security, event security is designed to provide protection for larger groups of people who are gathered in one specific place. This may be because of a sporting event, a political rally, or a music festival. These types of events can draw crowds of tens of thousands of participants and as such, it’s an event security organiser’s job to ensure the safety and well being of those attending, which may also take into account crowd control measures.

Private sector security

Larger companies such as those in the construction or manufacturing industries might hire security personnel to protect assets, restrict access, and protect buildings. This might entail operating control of entry points and/or carrying out mobile patrols in and around the company perimeter. They may also be used to monitor premises during non working hours and act as a keyholder to carry out security checks on doors, windows, etc.

Of course there are many more specialised roles that security guards can undertake such as close quarter protection, armed escort duties, and cyber security prevention. However the above roles are the type of areas that you usually see security guards operating in. Here at MA Security, we provide experienced security personnel for a wide range of sectors, so if you’re looking for security for your business, event, or personal well-being then we invite you to contact us on 1300 020 406.

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