Want A Salary Rise In Your Role As A Security Guard?

If you’ve been with the same security firm for some while and haven’t had the sniff of a raise yet, then perhaps you’re considering broaching the subject. It’s all very well thinking it’s the right time to ask but how do you actually go about it? Is there anything you can say or do that will increase your chances of them agreeing with you? We’ve put together some tips which could just help you to get the raise that you want.

Be prepared

First of all be prepared. You’re quite clear in your mind that you deserve to be earning more but when they ask why you think you should get a raise (and trust us, they will) it’s no point in saying that you can’t manage your bills on what they pay you or that you’ve been with them for X number of years and still haven’t had a rise. It’s not going to work. Instead you need to prove to them that you’re worthy of a rise by showing them just what an asset you are to the company. Talk to them about your accomplishments and also be aware of what is an acceptable rate of pay for the company and the market in general.

Plan ahead

Set the wheels in motion by having a preliminary chat with your boss. Ask about the type of things that are considered when the company gives out a rise. Learn from this and make sure you focus on these things. Where possible set goals or milestones with your employer so that they know you’re working on them and check your progress with them every once in a while.

Write down your accomplishments

When you meet with your employer to ask for a rise it can be almost like attending an interview with the same feeling of nerves rumbling around inside of you. On occasions like this it’s easy to get a little tongue tied or omit to mention things that could have made an impression or been important. To prevent this from happening write down your accomplishments so that you can talk freely about what you’ve done and how it brings value to the company. Practice your speech at home so that you can go through it confidently and without as much as blinking an eyelid. Confidence plays an important role in this situation.

It’s also a good idea to document things that have been said about you. If someone praises you, then write it down. You can include praise from others that you work with and supervisors so that your employer knows that it’s not just you who thinks you’re a big asset to the company.

Choose the right time

Finally be careful when choosing the time to ask for a rise. There’s no point in broaching the subject if your boss is hopping mad about something or seems overly grumpy. Don’t even think about asking if there’s been some sort of problem and several employees have been reprimanded. He’ll be stressed and certainly not in the mood for approving a pay rise even if you weren’t one of the employees involved. In addition if you know the company is going through a bad time financially then hold your horses. Wait until things have improved or you’ve achieved something amazing.


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