How To Protect Yourself Against Theft At A Music Festival

A great music festival
is something to look forward to. It’s a time for hoards of
like-minded people to forget about the drudgery of life for a few
days and let their hair down. However while it’s a great opportunity
to have fun and relax, festivals also provide the perfect environment
for thieves and pickpockets. With this in mind, just how can you
ensure that your weekend isn’t ruined by being the victim of
criminality? Here are some pointers.

Leave your best
valuables at home

The best way to
approach any festival is ‘don’t bring what you can’t afford to lose’.
In other words if you have an expensive watch, jewellery, or
something that’s of sentimental valuable, then it might be best to
leave such items at home. This way if it does get lost in all the
revelry or worse still stolen, then at best it’s only your pride
that’s likely to be damaged. If you want to wear a watch or bring
your smartphone, then consider swapping your Tag Heur for a Timex or
your iPhone for a Vodafone.

Always stay vigilant

Most thieves and
pickpockets are opportunists and will look to prey on easy targets,
especially on the first day of a festival. With so many people
arriving and pitching tents, it’s unlikely that anyone would notice
someone going into a tent and taking items that aren’t theirs.
Therefore it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to neighbours
quickly. This way they can watch out for you, and vice versa.

In addition, by all
means have a great time – after all, that’s what festivals are for
right? But at the same time try to remain ‘compos mentis’. A lone
drunk person is the perfect target for a thief, so by keeping your
wits about you, you’re far less likely to become a target.

Keep any valuables
on your person

What you don’t want to
do is to leave any valuables in your tent, or worse still lock it. To
a thief a locked tent signifies that there are valuables inside and a
quick slash with a knife means they can be in and out within seconds.
It’s far better to keep all valuables such as your cash, phone, and
ID cards on your person. This way, at least you know where they are
at all times.

All tips are provided
by MA Security. We specialise in providing professional security for
a wide range of festivals and events. So if you’re planning a music
festival or an event where there are likely to be large crowds and
need security, give us a call on 1300 020 406 and talk
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