How To Act Like A Festival Pro – Top 3 Tips From Security Guards

So it’s your first proper festival! You’re excited but also a little nervous because you aren’t sure exactly what to expect. You’ve heard that security guards aren’t exactly a pushover and you’re afraid that if you look at them in the wrong way, or maybe don’t even look them at all, you’re going to be ejected quicker than a piece of bread from a dodgy toaster. What are you going to do? How should you play it?

Firstly, don’t panic because we’ve come up with some simple tips that you can follow to make it look like you’ve been attending festivals all your life. Let’s take a look…

Tip 1 – Be prepared

Like a good boy scout, if you don’t want to get found out as a festival newbie, then you need to be prepared as you enter the security line. That means being attentive. Have your ID at the ready, purse or wallet out and pockets empty. You might want to skip the “Hey mate! This is the most I’ve been touched all week” line because believe me, the security staff have heard it a gazillion times before.

Tip 2 – Be that friendly, all round good guy you really are

Most security guards will only have a split second to make a sub-conscious decision about you. So if you choose not to make eye contact or look nervous, then chances are you’re going to be the one holding up the queue as you get interrogated further. Instead be that friendly person you really are. Crack a smile and present yourself in a non-threatening manner. Let’s face it you’re about to have an awesome musical experience, and one which just might stay with you forever so why wouldn’t you be smiling?

Tip 3 – Security guards are people too

Okay, so you might see a security guard as a major barrier between you and a whole load of fun, but what you’ve got to remember is that they aren’t there to make your life difficult. On the contrary they’re trying to do their jobs. Many are hoping to catch a bit of the headline acts too, so how about offering up a ‘good morning’ when it’s your turn your be searched; and a ‘thank you’ when they let you through.

And finally – this isn’t really a tip but don’t bring any dangerous items into the festival! (Do we really need to list that?)

So there you have it! If you follow the advice above, people will never know that you are in fact a festival first timer. After all, I won’t tell them if you don’t!

Aside from dispensing sage advice, here at MA Services Group we also specialise in providing security for events and music festivals. If you’re in need of event security for your latest event then we invite you to speak with the team on on 03 9994 4107.

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