How Safe Is Your Office Security?

If you manage or own a business then one of your main concerns has to be the safety of your staff and the effectiveness of your office security. Here are a few things that every business should have to keep its security up-to-date.

CCTV Cameras

Surveillance cameras allows office managers and the business owner to watch over the premises remotely from a compatible device such as computer, tablet, or smart phone. While hidden cameras and ground level lighting are a nice idea they don’t offer adequate protection to keep your office building secure. Cameras need to be prominently displayed to deter opportunists from breaking in or causing damage. It’s all very well having these cameras installed but make sure that you know exactly how to work them too. You never know when you may have need to play back activity on a particular day.


While it’s essential to have visible cameras it’s also important to have exposure as well. Although a landscaped entrance adds visual appeal, it’s important not to obstruct walkways and entrances with decorative shrubs and trees sine you don’t want to provide a hideaway for a would be thief. If you have several entrances into your building, then you might want to consider restricting them to just one or two doors at most. Any extra doors are another possible way for a burglar to gain entry to your building. All of your exit doors should also be alarmed.

Office security – Identification

Employees should only be given access to the building by showing an ID card or badge or by entering a key code which will open the door. Although this can seem a nuisance it could prevent a potential threat from occurring. Both employee and visitor ID procedures help to confirm their purpose for being on your premises.

Pay special attention to your most important rooms

Any office building has rooms which are more important than ever. These could be the cash office or the server room, both of which need to be kept secure at all times. Don’t let anyone walk in and out of these important spaces. Instead consider installing an access control system to improve security. Those that are given permission to enter the space can be watched via the access system. Additional CCTV cameras could also be installed.

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