Home Patrol Service – Added Peace Of Mind

If you’ve ever been burgled then you’ll know how devastating it can be and how you and your family feel a sense of violation. Naturally after the event you’ve taken a closer look at your home security to prevent this from happening again, but aside from a home alarm system and CCTV cameras, what else can you do? Well why not consider a home patrol service for added peace of mind?

So how does a home patrol service work?

Say you’ve received an alert that your home security system has been set off. Rather than panicking about what might be going on at your home, you simply request that a patrol car be sent to investigate and check that everything is okay. In the event that you have been burgled then the security guard will notify the police on your behalf. If, on the other hand, he suspects that the burglar is still inside, his very presence may have startled the thief who will in most cases have left the property rather than be caught red handed. A home patrol service acts another layer of security for added reassurance if you know that you’re going to be absent from home for a few days on a business trip or away on holiday with your family. Patrol cars give back up security for such instances that nobody is at home. For example, you might receive an alert from the security company’s monitoring centre that an incident may have occurred at your home in your absence. They will ask for authorisation to send a patrol car to check it out on your behalf.


Authorising MA Security to send a patrol car to your home will put your mind at rest and prevent you from feeling helpless and out of control. While everyone’s needs and levels of risk are different, knowing that a patrol car is readily available, takes away the worry of what is happening at home.

A cut above the rest

Our home patrol system places great emphasis on detail. Rather than service a large number of clients within a given range, like most other security companies, we tailor our service to provide a solution on a client by client basis. This means that each of our vehicles is designated to a limited number of sites and in some cases a client may have a patrol car all to themselves. Our alarm response system automatically locates the nearest vehicle and patrol guard to ensure a speedy and transparent service, and because our vehicles are restricted to the number of sites within their area, a vehicle is never far away. It’s important to be aware, however, that patrol cars can’t legally enter your property unless you’ve given them authorisation. They won’t do anything that is likely to put their lives at risk, such as entering through a broken window or jumping a fence, but if there are obvious signs of damage they will wait at your home until a police car has arrived. If you’re keen to learn more about our home patrol service then why not give MA Security Group a call on 03 9339 3500 and enjoy an increased level of home security.

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