Event Security Organisation – There’s More To It Than You Think

Let’s face it, there’s
far more to event security than sticking a couple of intimidating
looking guys on the door or entranceway. Instead, whether it’s an
awards evening, product launch, sporting event, or full blown music
festival, it’s a full time job managing and controlling the security
of all those who attend. So what exactly does it entail? Let’s take a
closer look…


If any event is going
to run successfully, then every eventuality needs to be planned for.
Aside from planning the numbers of staff needed for such an event,
security organisers also need to exercise contingency planning. For
instance what about if there’s a hold up in traffic coming into the
event and everyone arrives at the same time. Do you have a plan in
place to cope with and process the inflated numbers of people
quickly? Being able to plan for every eventuality, often makes the
difference between a successful event where things run like clockwork
and a badly organised event.

Strong security

With all good security
comes strong security management. The ability to manage large
congregations of people, control queues, avoid bottlenecks and
manage/control movement in and out of an event, is paramount. But
also, strong security management means detailed briefing and training
for all security staff, plus overseeing a wide variety of other

Co-operation and

Often for large scale
events in particular, the security organiser is responsible for
contacting local authorities and co-ordinating and co-operating with
their needs and requirements. For example the fire service may come
down and carry out a health and safety inspection prior to an event
and state that you need another exit point to alleviate crowd build
up. It’s up to you as security events organiser to plan how that is
going to happen and execute those requirements. In addition an event
security manager might also have to report to police and ambulance
teams throughout the duration of the event giving them continual
reports and updates.

Feeding information

The need to constantly
feed information down to the people on the ground is a key factor in
a successful event. Without having a way of getting the right
information to the right people at the right time, it’s quite easy
for things to go badly awry very quickly. Therefore clear concise
communication is paramount.

In essence, during a
well-planned and well-executed event, attendees shouldn’t even
realise that there’s a security team present. Instead the event
should be made to look seamless. That’s exactly what an experienced
security company dealing in event security can bring to the table. If
you’re after an experienced event security company to professionally
handle your event then contact MA Security on 1300 020 406
and put us to the test. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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