5 Factors To Help Make Sure That Your Event Security Works

As we’re joyfully edging towards the summer months, it’s that time of year when Melbourne and the surrounding areas are filled with festivals and events. So if you’re about to launch your event or are looking to act as event security for your first event, then here are 5 factors that you can use to make sure your event is a complete success.

Remember it is a social event

Do remember that first and foremost, if it’s a music or festival event then people need to have the freedom to enjoy themselves. That doesn’t mean trying to police it like it’s a political rally with a thousand or so heavily armed security guards ready to pounce at the slightest hint of unrest. This usually only serves to put festival goers on edge and can even heighten tension. Instead the key is to have a large enough security presence to deal with just about any problems, but remember the best events are the ones where the security blends into the background and is hardly noticed.

Look to mitigate risk

A successful event as far as security is concerned should never be judged by how many parking tickets, arrests, and forced removals your security guards achieve. Instead success should be measured on how well risks are mitigated. Often this means a successful event is gauged on the fact that your security had a quiet, uneventful weekend. This may mean that critical areas such as hazards, crowd flow and congregation, general areas of health and safety and the potential to commit crime has been thoroughly planned and addressed before the event.

Learn from mistakes

Try to learn from the experiences of others. There are bound to be people who have held similar events in the past. Why not ask them about their experiences with event security. What could you learn from them and what could be done differently? Take notes and think about how you can improve your event security to make it better.

Hire the right personnel

If you’re looking to outsource your event security then you might want to think about the type of people you’re hiring. For example do they look the part, do they ask the right questions and most importantly, do they know what they’re doing? If you have any nagging doubts, then trust your instinct and find personnel that fit the bill better.

Review and evaluate

After a festival draws to a close and the last few stragglers are leaving the event it’s a time to breathe a sigh of relief. However aside from the well-deserved pat on the back if the event has gone well, it’s also time to review and evaluate the process. Why mistakes were made? What could be improved next time? What worked really well? All of these things should be documented in a report so that you can use it as a guide next time.

As you can see all of these factors when used can help you to gauge the perfect level of security. If you’d rather leave your event security to the professionals then we invite you to talk to MA Services Group. We’ve been in the event security industry for many years and have been the face of security for a wide range of festivals, sporting events and concerts in the Melbourne area. Why not contact us on 03 9994 4107 for a free, no obligation consultation. After all what have you got to lose?

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