4 Unusual Types Of Job Roles Security Professionals Might Work In

When we consider
private security in Australia most people would probably imagine your
stereotypical security guard standing at the gate of a large company
checking passes. While this is indeed part of the job role of a
security guard, you might be surprised to learn that private security
personnel can work in a wide number of roles. To prove a point here
are 4 of the more unusual roles that security companies may be asked
to undertake.

Event security

Security isn’t always
about working the night shift guarding corporate buildings and
company HQ’s. Instead as Australia is putting on more and more large
scale concerts, music festivals, and open-air events, there’s a
growing need for event security. Here at MA Services Group for
example, we specialise in all aspects of event security from
supplying fully-trained personnel to full event security planning,
preparation, and execution.

VIP protection

This is really the
pinnacle of the security world. It’s mysterious, exciting, and offers
a combination of travel, good pay, and a chance to rub shoulders with
a variety of high profile business people, politicians, celebrities,
royalty, and other wealthy individuals. Of course you’ll need to have
been on a VIP or Close Protection Course, you’ll also need to have a
pretty impressive resume and a bucket load of experience too.

Sky Marshalls

Although Sky Marshalls
(known as Air Marshalls in Australia) have all but been axed from
domestic Australian flights, they’re still utilised on longer haul
flights. The role can cover a lot of miles as well as a lot of time
spent up in the air in a hollow tube. Sometimes up to 200 flights per
year. However if you like travel and you don’t mind basing your
office in an aircraft, then with the right training and experience,
this might be for you.

Estate Security

Clients who own big
properties with large estates or vast swathes of land may require
certain levels of security protection. This could be anything from
patrolling the estate either by foot or in vehicles looking for
suspicious persons or broken fencing, through to monitoring security
via CCTV or control of entry. It might also mean travelling to
foreign properties they own and making sure that security is in place
before the client’s arrival.

So there you have it 4
unusual security roles that you could be employed in (given the right
training and experience). Here at MA Security we carry out a wide
range of security roles for our clients including many of the above.
If you have a security problem or dilemma that you need help with,
then why not call us and talk to our highly experienced team who can
assist. To find out more, contact us on 1300 020 406

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