4 Benefits Of Cross-Training Security Personnel And Why You Should Care

One of the biggest buzz words of recent years in the corporate world is ‘flexibility‘ – and for very good reason. Cross training gives employees the scope to carry out other tasks, to step in and cover when the need arises, and also adds job variety. Here at MA Security, we also take the cross-training of our employees very seriously. In fact, there are many benefits to cross-training people within our industry, so with this in mind, let’s take a look at some of them…

Organisations can cut costs

Outsourcing a company’s security needs is both viable and economical. Better still, outsourcing to a company that cross-trains its security personnel, benefits them financially. Quite simply, organisations who are looking to fill a variety of security roles, won’t incur the costs of hiring internally or retraining security personnel for a different role. It’s a win win situation all round!

Promotes employee retention and builds trust

The good thing about being cross trained as a security guard is that life is certainly never dull. In fact our team tell us that it’s the variety that makes the job worthwhile. For this reason, many of our personnel have been with us for a number of years and are well trusted as individuals. This means that as a company you are hiring security team members with longevity in the industry and personnel that you can rely on.

Saves productivity even when employees are sick/absent

The job role of a cross-trained security guard is more diverse than you might think. In addition to carrying out static guarding roles, our team members can also take on roles such as concierge/security duties. This includes customer service skills such as meeting and greeting visitors, answering calls, receiving deliveries etc. As a result, if a member of your reception team went sick or was absent, there’s every possibility that one of our security team could step in and take control. This eliminates the need to hire temporary staff and means you won’t lose out on productivity.

We save you time

So if you’re looking to outsource a variety of different security roles within your company, whether this is a loss prevention officer in a large retail outlet, roving security, or key-holding and monitoring, we provide the right variety of security personnel for you. Ultimately because the majority of our team are cross-trained, we’re your one-stop shop, saving you both time and money. If you need it, we can help!

Contact MA Security on 1300 020 406 and see just how flexible we are with our cross-trained team of security experts.

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