3 Reasons Why A Woman Might Be Better Suited Than A Man In The Event Security Industry

Traditionally security guarding has been seen as a bastion of male-hood. Let’s face it when most of us picture security guards, we imagine big burly blokes sporting serious ‘don’t mess with me’ looks. It could of course be argued that males are deemed to be physically stronger and are therefore better equipped to able to deal with situations easier should they ‘get out of hand’. The truth however is that when it comes to event security, women are often better suited to situations and environments such as these. Let’s take a closer look.

Friendlier face of security

When people attend large scale events such as festivals, concerts and sporting events they’re there to enjoy the occasion and have a great time. People don’t need to feel intimidated especially when they’ve spent their hard earned cash to attend. For this reason women often present a friendlier caring side that people tend to relate to.

Diffuse situations

You might think that when trouble does kick off that male security guards will fair better however more often than not women have the ability to be able to diffuse situations with their calming attitudes before anything gets out of hand. Two males for example who are having a dispute are probably more likely to listen to a female member of security staff rather than listen to a man and chances are they’ll also respond differently.

Sympathetic to problems or issues

Generally speaking the make-up of large scale festivals in Australia is roughly an equal split of women and men. It’s understandable therefore if a women is having trouble with an over amorous male, or she feels her drink has been spiked, or simply needs help finding her group of friends then she might prefer to seek help from another woman. The truth is that a woman event security guard is more likely to present a sympathetic and caring nature and one to which the person in question might feel they can confide in. Even though a male security guard might also have a certain degree of understanding for the situation the female finds herself in, she might not feel as comfortable in explaining certain situations.

Here at MA Services Group we understand that some festival and event organisers prefer female security guards and for this reason we can provide either an all female team or a mix of males and females to suit your needs. Contact us today on 03 9994 4107 to see just how we can help you get the best out of your upcoming event.

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