Fog Cannons

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Fog cannons are an innovative and effective security measure for a variety of settings, providing an immediate response to potential intrusions by creating a visual barrier that deters and disorients intruders. Their non-lethal and low-residue nature makes them a favorable choice for many business owners looking to enhance their security systems.

Fog Cannon

How They Work

  • Activation: Fog cannons are usually triggered by an alarm system, motion detectors, or other security sensors.
  • Fog Emission: Once activated, the device rapidly emits a thick fog, reducing visibility to near zero within seconds.
  • Duration: The fog can linger for several minutes, enough time to deter intruders and allow law enforcement or security personnel to respond.
  • Coverage: The density and volume of the fog can cover large areas, making it difficult for intruders to navigate or locate valuable items.
Fog Cannons

Features and Components

Fog Fluid

The fog is created using a specially formulated fluid, typically composed of glycol or glycerin, which is safe for humans and animals.

Heating Element

The fog fluid is vaporized by a heating element within the device to create the dense fog

Control System

The fog cannon can be integrated with existing security systems and can be remotely monitored and controlled.


The sudden loss of visibility can startle and disorient intruders, making it difficult for them to continue their activities.
The fog is non-toxic and does not cause any harm to people, pets, or property.
Minimal Residue
The fog dissipates without leaving significant residue, minimizing cleanup.
Quick Response
Provides an immediate response to security breaches, often stopping intruders before they can cause significant damage.



Retail Stores
Protecting valuable merchandise from smash-and-grab thefts.


Securing large storage areas with valuable inventory.


Enhancing the security of ATMs and vaults.


Providing additional security for residential properties.

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