Security Concierge – Kills Two Birds With One Stone

So you think you’re safe because you don’t have a valuable inventory and because your offices are located in an area with a relatively low crime rate? Well you might want to think again. All commercial properties and personal residences are vulnerable wherever they’re located. The thing is if you’re a small business you may not want to have a full time security guard on your payroll so what’s the solution? The answer lies in security concierge. A cross between a security guard and a receptionist, this type of security service kills two birds with one stone.

Cost effective solution

A security concierge service is a great way for companies to employ just one person who can deal with a wide variety of security and non security matters which occur in a working day. This can include controlling access to the building, taking in parcels, and meeting and greeting visitors.

What sort of person would be suitable for this role?

Similar to a security guard who needs to be fit, mentally alert, and quick to think on his feet, a concierge security guard should possess good people skills and a background in customer service. They need to be flexible because one minute they could be working in the retail sector and another in a corporate environment, and because invariably they’re the first person that a visitor to the building is going to meet, they also have to be the face of the company, as it were. In that respect they have to look smart and be professional and courteous.

What duties might a security concierge guard have on a daily basis?

The majority of the tasks may be familiar to most security guards but equally there may be some that aren’t. These include

  • Meeting and greeting visitors

  • Receiving packages at the desk

  • Answering company phones

  • Keeping a daily incident report

  • Patrolling car parks and common areas on a regular basis

  • Carrying out fire drills and maintaining evacuation procedures

  • Assisting contractors and other tradespeople

  • Controlling and regulating visitor parking

  • Controlling access to the building

  • In the case of residential security concierge, supervising people moving in and out

As you can see a security concierge needs to have many talents up his sleeve and above all he or she has to create the right sort of impression which represents the company that they’re assigned too. Anyone employing a highly skilled security concierge should find that they’re a real asset to the business and will save them the cost of hiring two separate individuals. After all why hire two people when one will do?

At MA Services Group we regularly provide highly skilled security concierge guards to a wide range of businesses, and all too often a temporary booking turns into something more permanent, as they find their services invaluable. Why not give us a call today on 03 9994 4107 to see just how we can help you.

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