Retail Security – 4 Unconventional Reasons Why You’ve Just Gotta Have It!

While CCTV cameras and that all important signage proclaiming their existence are ever omnipresent in retail outlets, the fact remains that physical security in many stores remains somewhat thin on the ground. The problem is that without a ‘real’ security presence, shops open themselves up to a wide range of criminal activity. With this in mind, here are some great reasons why ‘getting physical’ with your retail security matters.

Shoplifting can ruin a business

Unfortunately losses incurred due to theft are ‘par for the course’ for retailers up and down the country. However by having a physical security presence it can and does act as a proven deterrent. Those who don’t initiate physical security often become a hotspot for shoplifters and while the larger retailers might be able to absorb these losses into their yearly financials, for smaller retailers it might be the difference between staying afloat or going bust!

Better protection for staff

There are occasions when retail staff have to deal with less than happy customers. On some (albeit rare) occasions, things might take a turn for the worst and staff are threatened or even worse still, attacked. Again with a physical security presence, customers may think twice before venting their frustrations out on someone who is to all intent and purpose – simply doing their job.

Greater staff retention

Retailers, especially the larger chains aren’t always known for their staff retention and in many cases the cost of hiring and training employees can rack up quite a hefty bill. If employees are aware that their back is being watched and they are protected when at work, it might well give them one less reason to find work elsewhere. Remember a safe and secure work environment is pretty high on the list of top ten list of things that people want from their employers.

Improved customer service

Looking at the problem from another angle, customer service – or rather – the lack of it – is one of the main reasons why retailers lose customers. If you think about it for a second, a security guard is one of the first people that any potential customer will see. If they’re greeted with a ‘good morning’ or a smile it goes a long way towards creating a great first impression. In addition, by being on the shop floor, security personnel can see first hand when queues are starting to form and can pass that message back to store management who can then react.

So there you have it. While CCTV and signage play an important part in ensuring that criminals are caught, when retailers actually hire/employ security personnel to work in their store, it can aid customer service and give employees better piece of mind to aid and even prevent bankruptcy.

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