Mobile Security Patrol – Is It Right For You?

M.A Services Group - Mobile PatrolsNo matter what size of your business, the safety of your employees, your premises, and your equipment is always uppermost in your mind. That said, many small businesses don’t have sufficient money in the bank to invest in the latest security technologies – a fact which can lead to them becoming sitting ducks for all manner of criminal activities.

While many small businesses (those employing under 20 people) will typically have the majority of their employees onsite during working hours, ensuring some level of vigilance, what happens at the end of the day when the doors are shut and everyone has gone home?

Insurance companies insist on businesses putting in place strong security systems, but for obvious reasons, a small business probably can’t afford to employ a full-time security guard which is why a mobile security patrol may just be the answer.

6 Reasons mobile patrol security could be right for your business

  1. Alertness – Remaining vigilant throughout the night can be difficult and staying awake can also be a challenge. A mobile patrol officer doesn’t get the chance to feel sleepy or fatigued because he is always on the move patrolling different areas.
  1. Quick response – our state-of-the-art alarm response system automatically tracks and despatches the patrol vehicle which is nearest to your location in the event that an alarm is triggered. Since they’re already driving, this means that a security guard is on the scene far quicker than a key holder would be.
  1. Visible presence – To deter would-be criminals it’s vital that your security is clearly visible. Mobile patrol officers drive around in clearly marked vehicles, have flashing lights, and consistently patrol your property – letting everyone in the vicinity know that your premises have on-site security.
  1. Economical – A mobile patrol provides a security presence throughout the night when you most need it and is a more affordable option than that of a full-time security guard.
  1. Actively patrolling – Because they are actively patrolling your property, a guard is more likely to see, smell, or hear something. Officers who are restrained to just one property may eventually get tired of roaming and will likely find a place to sit idle.
  1. More responsibility – Just the fact that the security guard is driving a company vehicle gives them more of a sense of responsibility. Officers working a mobile patrol shift also need greater training and a more extensive skill set than a guard who sits in a guard ‘hut’ for many hours of his shift.

What makes us different?

Our approach to mobile security patrolling is different in that we tailor our services to each client’s unique needs. Each of our vehicles is dedicated to just a small number of sites and some clients may have one vehicle that is allocated just to them. This means quicker response times, better understanding, and attention to detail from each and every one of our mobile patrol officers. If you’re interested to learn more about mobile security, then give us a call on 1300 020 406.