How To Be More Security Conscious In 5 Easy Steps

In these troubled times it’s fair to say that we can all get a little paranoid about security, but nevertheless it pays to be at least security aware or conscious. This way, if in the unlikely event that the worst does happen and you do become the intended victim of a potential crime, then at the very least you’re prepared. In order to help you here are 5 steps that you can take to become more security conscious.

Keep yourself informed

While it’s true that the news can be somewhat depressing at times it pays to keep up with the local goings on, particularly within relation to crime. This way, if say there’s a sudden rise in plant equipment theft and you own a construction site or a plant hire company per se, then you know that you might need to stay a little more vigilant.

Keep yourself alert

The other side of keeping yourself informed is to stay alert. Be in tune with what’s going on around you and really know your surroundings. This way if anything doesn’t seem right like an unusual vehicle parked up or strange people hanging around that you wouldn’t normally see on a day to day basis, you’re alert to it and can react if you need to.

Get proactive

How many times have you been promising to install a new CCTV camera at your premises after your current one seems to have called it a day? Alternatively how many times have you been asked to replace the security light which blew a fuse not so long back? The bottom line is not to take security lightly. Instead if your property or business premises looks like it’s been well-maintained and appears like you’re on top of security then it’s more likely that a potential burglar is going to look for an easier target to try and chance their luck.

Be less egotistic

Okay so you’ve worked hard and the business is doing well. What’s wrong with parking your top of the range Audi in full view of everyone? After all is shows everyone including your doubters that you’re doing well right? Unfortunately these items that you’ve worked hard to get are likely to be the envy of others and for this reason might attract unwanted attention. While it’s good to reward yourself you might want to think about being less egotistical and parking your vehicle or storing your goods away from prying eyes, or at least by making sure it’s as safe and secure as it can be.

Be restrictive

One of the best ways to security proof your premises/business is to carefully control access. The more access restrictions that a premises has, the more of a deterrent it’s likely to be for an opportunist thief or even a seasoned criminal. Don’t just think about external access restrictions either. The vast majority of business theft occurs internally, so ask yourself “does this person really need access to this information or to this area?”. Remember the better the control, the more of a deterrent it’s going to be.

So there you have it, 5 easy ways that you can be more security conscious. If you need further advice on how to security proof your business then contact MA Services Group. As well as providing security guards for businesses and events we also carry out security risk analysis where we can pinpoint weaknesses in business security and make suggestions to help you get it up to scratch. Call us on 03 9994 4107 to find out more.

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