Exploring The Role Of Women Security Guards

Women security guards work in all types of establishments including retail stores, office buildings, airports, government agencies, and stadiums. You don’t have to be built like a tank to be an effective security guard, but it certainly wouldn’t hamper your chances. What you do need to be is physically fit, honest, and have good observational and decision making skills.

Control access to buildings

Security guards are often the first people you come into contact with when entering stadiums, government agencies, and courtrooms. Their role is to check for dangerous items by having people empty the contents of their pockets and walk through body scanners. They may even use personal scanners to verify that a person isn’t in possession of a weapon. They will also confiscate anything that could be used as a weapon. Other duties for security guards controlling entry points is to watch for anyone who appears to be acting suspiciously. Some guards even control traffic and direct parking at sports events.

Protecting people and property from theft

Another role of women security guards is to protect people and property from theft. They ensure a safe environment for retail and restaurant customers by walking the grounds and patrolling car parks after dark. A security guard is often hired by banks and retailers to protect their assets and merchandise from theft.

Detaining criminals

Another role of a security guard to to detain unruly customers or thieves. Usually in these circumstances they remove them from the scene to protect members of the public. If a person has been found shoplifting they are likely to be taken to an office to wait until the police arrive. Managers and other employees sometimes assist security guards in these circumstance.

Interviewing witnesses

Sometimes a security guard may be called upon to interview witnesses particularly if they have prevented a theft which other people saw happening. It may be necessary to interview other people to get all of the facts of the robbery or to substantiate your version of events. Information from others may be needed in order for you to write up a report for the police. You will also have to present your information in court.

The role of women security guards is varied. Often they will be used in conjunction with male security guards, especially at event security, since they present a friendlier face to the public and are often more able to diffuse the situation with a calm approach should any trouble kick off. If a woman is having trouble with a man who won’t leave her alone, or she feels that her drink may have been tampered with, then she may feel more at ease speaking to a female security guard.

Here at MA Services Group we can provide male, female, or a mixture of both to suit your needs and requirements. If you want to discuss any form of security then please get in touch with us by calling 03 9994 4107 to see how we can help.

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