Exploring The Role Of A Party Security Guard

With today’s fast paced style of living it’s a great idea to throw a party now and again to give everyone a chance to recharge their batteries. An office party can be purely for staff as a thank you for all of their efforts during the past few months or it may be more in the form of an open evening to introduce your company and the services you can provide to an invited audience.

The thing is, while everyone is busy mingling, meeting new prospects, and just putting themselves out there, it’s very easy for your security to lapse and for opportunist thieves and burglars to sneak in and pilfer your goods or damage your property.

Security is one thing which requires your attention whatever the size of your company and you can improve your security with these

3 simple tips:

  1. Make sure your car park is well lit with no dark corners and that there are security cameras in place to monitor all the activity.

  1. Have security code panels on all your entry doors in order that uninvited or unannounced guests can’t just wander through the building

  1. Have all members of staff wear office identity badges with their name and photo on them and issue special guest badges, so everyone that comes and goes can be accounted for.

Hiring a security guard is growing in popularity as a means of safeguarding both your property and your staff. They can be used to monitor your front desk or your external entry points. They can also be used to patrol the grounds if you have a larger property or complex.

Our security guards are highly trained individuals with years of experience between them and they’ll work closely with each client to develop solutions for any task they’re assigned to. At your party they’ll quickly determine what the potential dangers are to ensure that everyone and everything is protected.

Their responsibilities at parties include:

  • Identifying all visitors

  • Making sure all windows are monitored

  • Monitoring the alarm system

  • Guarding against theft

  • Monitoring entrances and exits

  • Asking for ID where necessary

  • Checking bags for suspicious items

  • Escorting visitors to their vehicles

  • Removing unwanted guests from the property

  • Responding to any life threatening situation

Investing in a security guard is a sure-fire way of putting your mind at ease and also shows others that you take security responsibly.

If you’re interested in hiring a security guard for a party or other event, then get in touch with MA Security today. We’ve got years of industry experience and can provide a security solution whatever your dilemma. Call us today on 1300 020 406 for a free, no obligation quote.

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