Corporate Security Tips That Every Company Should Follow

For any bricks and mortar business corporate security should never be under-estimated. By taking control of both physical and virtual security it ensures that buildings, materials, and/or valuable assets are protected, and that any business sensitive virtual information is safe from prying eyes. With this in mind, here are some top corporate security tips that every business should follow.

Internal security threats

Did you know that internal security problems cost companies far more per year than external security threats do? This could be because of disgruntled employees who are out to cause unsuspecting damage or alternatively employees who are just plain careless. By keeping a discreet eye on any employee who is known to have problems (such as financial or marital difficulties), by restricting access to files for those on a ‘need-to-know-only’ basis, or by making everyone accountable for reporting breaches in security, companies can immediately begin to take better control of their internal security. Accidental or not, if an employee knows that internal security is tight, then they might think twice before breaching it.

Threats from external security

Unfortunately in this day and age physical security has to go way beyond simply locking the doors when the last person clocks off at night. Nowadays the onus is on businesses to implement their own systematic security strategy. By carrying out a risk analysis of possible security threats such as better control and entry of incoming personnel, having clear and concise avenues of security reporting, coupled with ongoing staff training, it’s possible to reduce the threat of external breaches of security. Other considerations might be to update or install CCTV, make sure secluded areas or corners of the premises are well lit and well-secured, or to employ a security guard or mobile team who can periodically check on the premises hopefully deterring any wrongdoers intent on theft or vandalism.

Virtual security threats

Many companies don’t realise that cyber security is such a huge problem. The issue is however that hackers are becoming more and more advanced in their approach. Common issues include obvious access passwords that are never changed, unrestricted entry to company-sensitive documentation, and a distinct lack of training in the importance of virtual security – all of which pay a part in opening a company up to virtual theft. Even what at first might seem quote innocuous information may be like gold dust to an experienced cyber criminal. For instance, a simple record of company employees may lead a virtual criminal to other personal information including bank account details etc. For these reasons continual ongoing training and vigilance is vital.

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