Considering A Career As A Security Guard?

There’s a wide range of job roles in the security industry but they all have one thing in common and that is that they require the appropriate training and a specific skill set. Depending on your chosen field, honing your security skills can advance your career. We’ve put together what we regard to be the top 5 important skills in the industry which can help you in your present and future employment.


Being a security guard at any time of the day or night is much more than just walking around making sure there’s nothing untoward happening. Communication skills are an integral part of the job and as a security guard you need to learn how to follow given protocol and communicate orders as the specifics of the job require. If you’re working amongst the general public or with a large crowd then communication is vital to ensure control and safety.


Security is necessary across a wide range of industries and means that you’ll need to be able to adapt to any number of different conditions and demands. Every industry requires a different type of service and being adaptable within your skill set will help you in many security situations as well as meaning you can be efficient in many more fields of industry.

Fast thinking

Security is a fast paced industry with a reliance on common sense and the ability to think fast. If a situation suddenly blows up, there’s not always going to be time to check with a manager, instead you’ll need to make a decision and make it fast.

Writing reports

One of the responsibilities you’ll come across when working as a security guard is that of writing an incident report. This is a detailed and accurate report of a significant incident which has taken place. A good report takes into account everything that took place without omitting any important information. If you can’t write the report straight away then jot down key details to help you remember correctly all that took place. The most important part of incident reporting is to be completely honest since trustworthiness is integral to the industry.


It’s more important than ever for security guards to meet the challenges that are demanded of them. The latest breed of security guard now needs to be highly trained, tech savvy, and know their way around mobile devices and computer systems. Continuous professional training is almost a pre-requisite for today’s general of security guards and as such a guard needs to be screened and trained to meet various industry-specific environments.

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