How Secure Is Your Loading Bay?

A loading bay can be a real headache for any business owner. If they hold goods then it’s essential for them to have a loading dock, but at the same time it creates an ongoing security problem with trucks coming and going at all times of the day and night. It makes it extremely difficult to get a handle on who’s entering your property and makes it easy for valuable/high demand stock to leave the premises without your knowledge.

All of that said, we’ve put together 6 ways you can minimise your loading bay’s vulnerability.

Review your current security

Any form of security needs a starting point which is why the first step is to evaluate your current situation. This means carrying out an in-house security audit to determine just how well or badly your business is performing. The type of things to check for include, at the very least

  • Bay door CCTV

  • Alarms on bay doors

  • Overhead door locks

  • Landing gear and vehicle restraints currently in place

If you find that you’re under-performing in most of these areas then you may feel the need to seek further advice as what action needs to be taken. For instance we can carry out a more comprehensive security audit and suggest where and how improvements could be made in around your loading bay areas.

Good quality CCTV

Investing in a good quality CCTV system such as IP or Internet Protocal may make a large dent in your cash flow, but trust us, it’s money that will reap dividends. Generally speaking the more you pay for CCTV the better the quality when zooming in closer, and the more detail you’ll be able to view clearly. You can even have peace of mind when you’re offsite because you’ll be able to view CCTV footage from your smartphone. You may also be able to see the registration plates on trucks entering and leaving the bay, and identify the type and quantities of goods being moved.

Vehicle restraints

Without vehicle restraints you really are inviting trouble. Restraints serve a two fold purpose. From a safety aspect it keeps trucks secure to the bay when goods are being transferred in and out; from a security perspective, it prevents the driver from making a quick getaway with your goods in his truck, if he feels like doing so.

Oversee loading/unloading operations

You can put some security in place without it costing extra money, you know. Why not use a trustworthy employee to watch whenever a truck arrives to load or unload. At least that way when you open your doors you’ve got added peace of mind in knowing someone is there being vigiliant.

Install fans/cooling systems

Naturally it would make sense for bay doors to be shut when there’s nothing much happening, but it’s normally the case that the doors are left open so that employees can work in more comfortable working conditions. To get around this problem, you could invest in a cooling system or some efficient fans so that even with the doors shut, your staff can remain cool and comfortable when they’re working, while you ensure security.

Make sure all bay area equipment is working

Finally, it doesn’t matter how many security precautions you’ve taken if your equipment isn’t functioning properly at all times. Carry out regular checks on alarms, vehicle restraints, door locks, and barriers and ensure they’re quickly fixed. Ask staff to report anything they notice too.

If you need more information about securing your loading bay area, then get in touch with MA Security Guards. As well as undertaking security audits we can also advise on, and install security monitoring systems. Get in touch and let’s talk more about how we can help you. Give us a call today on 1300 020 406.