People are the cornerstone of our business within MASG, our philosophy and practice is centred on our employees – high calibre professionals with the insight and judgment to bring innovative solutions to our client‘s problems. We are, as in business, only ever as good as our people. 

MASG is committed in ensuring a positive safety culture has the highest priority across the entire business and to the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety standards. For more information on our professionally accredited standards read on. 

We aim to create a positive and challenging work environment in which employees can realise their full potential. 

We are proud of our employees and the skills, experience and commitment they contribute to our organisation, we show this through formal and informal recognition and reward programs. 

We identify talent and potential and nurture it because we know the skills and capabilities of our people are our strength and the major source of the contribution to our successful service delivery. Our people and the teams we develop on each contract are key to the long term and sustainable relationships MASG has with each of our customers. 

Our philosophy is based on the below:

  • The expectation that everyone has the right to go home safe. 
  • Innovative, professional, change oriented and customer focused people. 
  • Every team member is an ambassador for MASG. 
  • Everyone understands their role, their contribution and the importance it bears on our business outcomes. 
  • Open communication is promoted and supported at all levels. 

Point of difference.

Nurturing people
& relationships.

The pursuit of ‘relationships’ over ‘transactions’ is a deeply held value at MA Services Group, thanks to the leadership of Micky Ahuja. Our clients are from diverse industries, our service and value methodologies are exceptional, no matter the size of our customers. 

We build great relationship with all our clients and enjoy working in a partnership to achieve desired outcomes. We are focused on providing a consistent and excellent customer experience to enhance our brand and reputation.

As a service business, MASG’s key assets is our people and the management frameworks that develop and maintain the highest potential of our workforce. People impact our customers, organisation and each other, so we are acutely aware that leading and managing is critical to our survival. Our clients deserve the best from us, and we are working with them on a journey to train, support, continuously improve and prepare our team to tackle each foreseeable challenge.

Excellent Customer Service = Retention and Recruiting